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Breckenridge Winter

Breckenridge Splash Image

Breckenridge, Colorado was interested in reaching domestic ski travelers and driving them to Sojern identified and engaged qualified travel intenders interested in Colorado winter vacations via a nationally targeted digital advertising campaign. Additionally, Sojern measured post advertising impression travel search and booking behaviors, provided travel insights on visitors, and analyzed where in the travel planning process the website fit.


  • Drive qualified winter travelers to website
  • Measure post advertising campaign travel search and booking behavior to Breckenridge
  • Identify when in the travel planning process website is most used by travelers to the destination
  • Provide travel behavior insights on visitors to website


  • 8000+ Hotel searches to Breckenridge after seeing ads served by Sojern

  • Sojern uncovered website visitation trends in relationship to the travel planning process: 90% of's site visitors booked flights for 3+ nights and 34% booked for 6+ nights

  • After visiting 58% of site visitors searched for hotels in Breckenridge and were 20% more likely to confirm flights to Denver for 6+ nights

Scott FortnerDirector of Marketing

"Reaching qualified winter travelers and understanding how our advertising may affect travel decisions was a top priority for us this winter. Sojern did an excellent job in driving over 8,300 travelers to our site and provided valuable insights about the travel behaviors of our website users. The data from this campaign will help inform our marketing decisions in the future."