Benefits for Hotels

Increase direct bookings on your site, drive brand awareness, convert site visitors, and re-engage lapsed loyalists with Sojern’s hotel marketing solutions. Using data from our travel partners, our platform identifies the business and leisure travelers most likely to book a hotel in your destination cities.

  • Drive Hotel Bookings

    With 350MM+ traveler profiles and billions of intent data points, Sojern drives bookings by helping you engage with in-market audiences most likely to book.
  • Convert Site Visitors

    Enhanced targeting with Sojern's traveler data ensures you reach previous site visitors who are most likely to convert.
  • Bring Back Lapsed Loyalists

    Reach and engage frequent travelers who are currently inactive with custom offers and messaging.
  • Engage Frequent Flyers

    Target frequent airline travelers who are currently inactive with your loyalty program.
  • Increase Brand Engagement

    Communicate specific branding messages to audiences.
  • Generate Awareness for New Offers & Products

    Customize your audience, channels, and tactics to generate maximum awareness for new offers and products.

How it Works

Our platform matches consumers searching for travel with your hotel offerings in real-time, increasing conversions. You provide your target customers, markets, and goals, then Sojern does the rest.

  • Traveler books flight to Denver, Colorado. Sojern gets this data.
  • Traveler visits favorite website. Sojern identifies traveler and shows them hotel in Denver.
  • Traveler realizes they need to book a hotel for their Denver trip.
  • Engaged, traveler visits Denver hotel’s website to book a room.

Choose How You Pay Flexible pricing to meet your needs and objectives:

  • Buy impressions
  • Pay a flat amount for bookings that occur only after someone views your ad and books
  • Pay a cost of revenue (COR) after someone views the ad and books

Our Hotel Partners Include:

  • Fairmont Hotels
  • Melia