Brand Style Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Sojern's Style

Our brand personality defines who we are, how we operate and how we treat each other and our customers. To continue to grow into a successful, global company, we strive to be passionate, innovative and driven. At the same time, we want to be genuine and honest in all of our endeavors. Maintaining a unified visual and writing style enables us to continuously deliver engaging experiences at every touchpoint with our customers and key audiences. To do this, we created the following style guide to document our brand’s best practices.

This is a guide to the core elements that make up Sojern. Take a look and get to know us better.

To maintain the integrity of the Sojern logo, and to promote the consistency of the brand, it is important to use the logo as described in these guidelines. Our logo comes in seven variations.

Spacing Considerations

Sojern’s logo should be given a place of prominence on the page. Always maintain the required clear space around the logo so that no type, design or photographic elements are encroaching on the logo. The minimum clear space around the logo for print and digital is 10 pixels.

Always stay 10 pixels away from us!


Our colors are what give our brand its personality. We’re bright, bold and confident. Sojern’s orange should be leveraged as much as possible to ensure brand consistency.

Main Colors

These are Sojern’s primary brand colors. Copy the HEX codes below.

  • Sojern Orange

    HEX #FF6600

  • Sojern Blue

    HEX #3399FF

  • Sojern Turquoise

    HEX #66CCCC

  • Sojern Green

    HEX #66CA00

  • Sojern Yellow

    HEX #FFCA00

  • Sojern White

    HEX #F7F8F9

  • Sojern Off-White


  • Sojern Grey

    HEX #777777

We love our #FF6600 and so should you!


The following section shows the weights available and also gives guidelines on how to correctly use our typeface.

Primary Typeface

Our primary typeface is DIN. This sans-serif typeface is simple, readable and legible for headlines and body copy. DIN is used for print and web.

Secondary Typeface

Our secondary typeface is Arial. Arial is used when DIN is not available.


Maintaining a clear typographic clarity and hierarchy is important. Here is an example of how we structure content:

Heading Level One (50px)

Heading Level Two (35px)

Heading Level Three (22.5px)

Heading Level Four (22px)

Heading Level Five (16.92px)

This is an example of our main text content. It might be used as a longer-form tagline or subheading on a page or content section. It has a slightly larger font size and line-height for increased legibility.

Put that Comic Sans away.


We use beautiful photographs to tell our brand story.

Photos Should:

  • Feel unique
  • Be candid, especially if they include people
  • Look natural
  • Have natural lighting (daytime photos are preferred)
  • Be in full color and high-resolution with no added treatment
  • Create wanderlust

Our photos are Instagram-worthy.

Voice and Tone

Sojern’s tone and manner come from a customer-first perspective. We aim to delight our customers and to always use clear, helpful and easy to understand language.

Our Voice:

  • Sounds genuine
  • Avoids jargon or other overly technical language
  • Avoids acronyms that don’t mean anything to people outside of Sojern

Our Tone:

  • Friendly
  • Compassionate
  • Informative
  • Fun
  • Helpful

Style Tips:

  • Use clear and concise language
  • Avoid jargon or fancy language
  • Be genuine
  • Use a light and casual tone
  • Humor is highly encouraged (but never at anyone’s expense)

No fancy words or marketing jargon here. We speak like humans.

For brand and creative inquiries, please feel free to email