Data Partners

Benefits for Travel Data

Sojern offers you a simple and secure way to anonymously monetize your data. We safely manage billions of intent data points for leading travel companies in 146 countries. That's why Sojern is the trusted data partner for airlines, hotel chains, online travel agencies, and other travel providers worldwide.

  • Incremental Revenue

    Monetize your data in a simple, secure, and controlled way.
  • Audience Insights

    Access actionable insights from your own audience data to drive engagement and conversion efforts.
  • Technology

    Implement easily and quickly through our proprietary Partner Portal.
  • Privacy

    Protect your data with extensive control rights and usage reporting. Data collected is non-personally identifiable.

How It Works

  • Add Sojern pixels to your pages
  • Sojern seamlessly collects your booking data
  • Sojern monetizes your data and provides payment back to you