Engage & Convert Your Travelers

Data helps you find, engage, and convert travelers. The better the data, the better the targeting, the better the performance. We call that SmartTargeting. At Sojern, we combine our 350 million profiles and billions of real-time travel intent signals with the Sojern Travel Platform’s proprietary technology to target your audience when they’re actually planning their trip. Whether you want to drive awareness, generate new customer bookings, or re-engage those who have already shown interest, SmartTargeting helps you reach high value travelers in every stage of the purchase lifecycle.

Maximize Performance Across the Traveler Lifecycle

Build Brand Awareness

Reach the largest travel audiences most likely to engage with your brand. With SmartTargeting for brand campaigns, we customize and segment our 350 million traveler profiles to match your target audience, serving personalized messages that increase your brand affinity. Whether you’re targeting Chicago travelers with your new hotel or announcing routes to the next great beach destination, SmartTargeting will get your message in front of the right travelers.

  • Customize and reach your travel audience by filtering Sojern’s 350 million traveler profiles

  • Increase brand affinity with travelers we know prefer your type of destination, hotel, or travel service

  • Maximize message impact by serving ads across devices personalized to their online experience

  • Raise your brand perception with high performing ad placements:

    Real-Time Display Video Mobile/Tablet Native

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Identify Prospects

SmartTargeting for Prospecting combines our traveler profiles and billions of real-time intent signals with your product or yield information, driving direct bookings to your business. Our advanced algorithms identify new audiences who already act like your best customers, bringing new traffic and new revenue to you.

  • Increase conversions with hyper-relevant customized messaging

  • Find new and similar audiences who are in-market for your products and offers

  • Engage prospects based on travel intent signals like intended destination, dates of travel, loyalty, and length of travel

  • Drive incremental bookings and ancillary revenue

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Boost Your Retargeting Efforts

The more you know about your website visitors, the more likely you’ll be able to turn them into customers. 98% of visitors will not convert on their first website visit. SmartTargeting boosts your retargeting efforts by combining our real-time traveler intent data, your website and CRM data, and personalized messaging to re-engage and convert your high-value visitors.

  • Re-engage website visitors most likely to convert

  • Optimize retargeting relevancy by overlaying Sojern’s intent data with your user’s onsite behavior

  • Customize messaging based on products, pages visited, and/or intent shown on your website

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