Benefits for Destination Marketers

Our strategic global partnerships allow travel marketers to reach their customers in real-time, delivering a true one-to-one conversation between advertiser and traveler. By layering our proprietary first-party search and booking data with third-party data, we reach and convert highly engaged audiences of potential visitors, maintain destination awareness, increase consideration, and ultimately, drive visitors as a direct result of exposure to your marketing campaign.

  • True 1:1 Conversation

    Sojern has the unique ability to engage with travelers as soon as they show interest and/or start shopping for travel.
  • Build Destination Awareness

    Keep your destination top-of-mind as soon as a traveler shows interest in a similar place or activity.
  • Direct Bookings

    Utilizing billions of intent data points, Sojern optimizes and drives bookings to your destination’s website.
  • Convert Drive Market Visitors

    Sojern finds travelers in your drive market, serving relevant, destination-specific ads to engage and convert potential visitors to your destination.
  • Drive New Visitors To Your Destination

    Engage potential visitors to your destination during the early planning/dreaming phase of the travel cycle.
  • Post-Campaign Analytics

    Receive a detailed Post Campaign Data Analytics Report, showing travel behavior, actual searches, and bookings that resulted from your marketing program.
  • Custom Data Insights

    Our custom insights help guide your future marketing efforts, helping you fine-tune and optimize to your traveler.

Our Destination Partners Include: