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Sojern’s platform drives a comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions to ensure you truly deliver the right message at the right time to the right traveler.

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Display +

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Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's Display Ad stats
  • Right Time & Place: We’ll serve your ad at the moment customers will be interested in your message.
  • Optimize Your Campaign: Become more relevant to your in-market traveler.
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Targeted Branding +

Sojern's Targeted Branding diagram

Reach the audiences most likely to engage with your brand story through our profile-based branding.

Key Benefits & Features

  • People not proxies. Reach an active audience most likely to engage with your brand story at the right times and with the right ads.
  • Segment audiences and serve customized ads based on their online intent and behavior.
  • High Impact Channels:
    • Large Display Units
    • Video
    • Facebook News Feed
    • Mobile
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Programmatic Buying +

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Programmatic buying is the action of bidding on an advertising inventory source in real time with the goal of showing one specific ad to one consumer in one specific context. It automates the purchase of granular, individual buys across all forms of media at scale. Performance is optimized for the lowest cost because you only pay for the travellers you want to engage with. Thousands of variables can be tested in mere seconds, and 5x-6x ROI improvements are possible.

  • Valuable Insights:
    • Campaign

      Comparative performance of the different tactics, line items, and flights that constitute the campaign.

    • Consumer

      Opportunity to learn in real-time what univariate and multivariate insights to leverage.

    • Creative

      Know what message works best by testing multiple creatives for each subsegment of a desired audience.

  • Pre-screened Inventory: Extra assurance your brand will only appear in brand-safe environments.
  • Easy Management: Consolidate interactions across multiple channels through a single platform.
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Prospecting +

prospecting icons Sojern's prospecting stats

Key Benefits & Features

  • Establish brand consideration with new prospects throughout the purchase funnel.
  • Find new visitors whose current behavior indicates they already act like your best site visitors.
  • Engage prospects based on behaviors like intended destination, length of stay, loyalty, new users and frequency.
  • Generate more sales with hyper-relevant, customized messaging.
  • Drive incremental bookings and ancillary revenue at optimal cost.
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Retargeting +

Sojern's SmartTargeting diagram Sojern's SmartTargeting stats

Key Benefits & Features

  • Turn Lookers Into Bookers: Only 2% of site visitors convert. Integrate our intent data to customize offers that bring back the other 98%.
  • SmartTargeting: Combine our 200M+ traveler profiles and billions of intent data with retargeting to present ads matched to site visitors’ interests.
  • Not All Visitors Have Equal Value: Overlay our data to intelligently segment site visitors and target them with the right messages more efficiently.
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Sojern's Geofencing Image

Geofencing is the technology that allows you to select a geographic point and create a virtual “fence” around that area. It’s hyper-local, allowing you to reach current and potential customers with the right messages, discounts, and offers at the right place and time.

Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's Geofencing stats
  • Attract customers: Geofence any location or event that travelers visit such as airports, hotels, convention centers, rental car locations, and business districts
  • Geo-conquest: Lure in-market travelers away from the competition by delivering your brand's ads within your competitor's locations
  • Up-sell: Take advantage of critical decision moments and sell additional services or upgrades to travelers within a given radius during precise time slots
  • 1BI Intelligence, March 2013, 2JiWire, May 2013

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Video +

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Access key travel audiences across 10,000+ video sites and engage travelers as soon as they have shown intent. With 52% of the U.S. population watching video online, expand reach and drive high-impact brand engagement across top video content publishers.

Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's Video Advertising Stats
  • Targeted ads based on specific intent actions
  • Increased brand perception and awareness
  • Brand-safe verification providers
  • Deep audience engagement pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll
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Facebook News Feed+

Sojern's Facebook News Feed diagram

The News Feed is the reason billions of users log onto the platform each month; it’s the first place people go and where they spend the most time. News Feed ads are optimized to drive off-site conversions and include social elements.

Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's Facebook News Feed stats
  • Most Prominent Location
  • Perfect for Direct Response & Driving Bookings
  • Larger Image Size
  • Multiple Fields for Copy & Call to Action
  • Benefits of Social & Viral Engagement
  • Higher CTR & Conversions
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Facebook Right-Hand Column +

Sojern's Facebook Right-Hand Column diagram

Travelers are increasingly using social media to discover and share information about their travel experiences. Leverage the FBX Right-Hand Column to reach and engage these travelers.

Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's Facebook Right-Hand Column stats
  • Located in the Right-Hand Column, adjacent to News Feed
  • Scale! Increase response and brand engagement as frequency is high
  • Drive Conversions
  • Powerful Compliment to Any Campaign
  • Links to your site outside of Facebook
  • Trusted, brand safe environment
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Dynamic Creative +

Sojern's Dynamic Creative Example Banners

Sojern’s rich data set and powerful traveler engagement platform enables brands to truly engage in 1:1 conversations with the most qualified audiences through highly relevant, customized ads in real time, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of an impression.

Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's Dynamic Creative stats
  • Personalized Messaging and Offers: Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of every impression.
  • Dynamic Prospecting Through Rich Traveler Intent Data: Acquire new customers most receptive to your messages.
  • Real-Time Creative Optimization: Immediately display, test, and measure to optimize for message/offer/creative.
  • Improved Performance Over Standard Ads: Consistently proven performance and results over standard ads.
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Dynamic Weather Targeting+

Sojern's Dynamic Weather Targeting Ads

Temperature, forecast, and current weather conditions have a major influence on when and how consumers book travel as well as where they go. Let avid skiers know you have fresh powder for their upcoming trip, or match warm, sunny beach destinations to travelers in colder locales. Coupling Sojern’s dynamic creative with weather data enables you to serve a richer, more personalized ad experience.

This unique advertising opportunity can target based on: Sojern's Dynamic Weather Targeting Solution

Key Benefits & Features

  • Personalized Ads: Use weather conditions of either traveler’s current location or intended destination for increased relevancy
  • Boost Sales: Create interest in indoor or outdoor activities by aligning ad content and imagery to weather conditions
  • Drive CTR: Direct travelers to your site with the right offer at the right time
  • Easy Management: Create a major impact with minimal effort across all channels
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Online & Printed Boarding Pass +

Sojern's boarding pass advertising examples

Sojern engages premium audiences at every stage of the travel lifecycle. Placement on Sojern’s Printed and Online Boarding Passes ensures multiple views and brings foot traffic to destination-specific businesses. Display or video placement on the Online Boarding Pass gives brands optimal exposure and drives traffic to a site or landing page.

Sojern Boarding Pass Advertising Stats
  • Target specific audiences for optimal efficiency and performance.
  • From search to booking to check-in, reach key audiences as soon as intent is known, increasing receptiveness to messaging.
  • Sojern is the only company to offer advertisements on airline boarding passes.
  • In any market and across multiple markets, Sojern customizes messaging to the right person, at the right time.
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Boarding Pass Takeover +

Sojern's boarding pass takeover screenshot

Sojern offers a full takeover of the online boarding pass with high-engagement video and wallpaper background, for optimal brand exposure.

Key Benefits & Features

Sojern's boarding pass takeover stats
  • Target specific audiences for optimal efficiency and performance.
  • From search to booking to check-in, reach key audiences as soon as intent is known, increasing receptiveness to messaging.
  • Sojern is the only company to offer advertisements on airline boarding passes.
  • In any market and across multiple markets, Sojern customizes messaging to the right person, at the right time.
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Audience Insights +

Sojern's Audience Insights Diagram

Sojern’s robust traveler engagement platform is powered by billions of intent data points, machine learning technology, and enhanced programmatic buying, driving insights for partners that are unavailable anywhere else.

Actionable Insights

  • Travel purchase patterns
  • Top destinations
  • Dates of travel
  • Average trip length
  • Travel frequency
  • Average number of travel activities
  • Percent of audience overlap with other data sources
  • Much more!
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