Traveler Profiles

Access 350M+ Traveler Profiles

A key component to our SmartTargeting is engaging millions of travelers worldwide, enabling you to connect with and convert your target audiences at scale. The Sojern Traveler Platform ingests billions of real-time search and booking data points from strategic partnerships with major airlines, online travel agencies, metasearch sites, and other travel providers to build our profiles and decipher where, when, and why people plan to travel.

Your traveler audience is tuned to achieve optimal performance for branding, bookings or a combination of both. The Platform analyzes hundreds of travel parameters, such as:


  • Gender
  • Home Market
  • Household Income (HHI)
  • Travel Frequency
  • Travel Preferences
  • Travel Purchase Patterns
  • Travel History
  • Favorite Destinations

Travel Intent

  • Geo-Targeting
  • Dates of Travel
  • Origination and Destination
  • Lesiure or Business
  • Average Trip Length
  • Trending Destinations
  • Travel Planning Stage

Last year, we saw 4.5 billion searches across 160 countries. We continue to expand our global data footprint and deepen our traveler profiles through valued strategic partnerships. To learn more, please visit our Data Partners page.