Dynamic Creative Ad Results: A Case Study Roundup

August 23, 2018

Dynamic creative ads can be used in a variety of ways to help serve in-market travelers with made-to-order messaging on a large scale. By pairing real-time traveler intent signals with bespoke messaging about pricing and available updates, travel marketers can create ads that are applicable to the right traveler at the right time—leading to more direct bookings.

Check out how a few of our favorite customers are using Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to drive direct bookings:

Target Travelers with Real-Time Pricing

HK Express is a low-cost carrier model for over-priced flights. Their in-market travelers were not connecting with their flights as much as they would have liked, so it was important that they highlight their route-specific information in an easier way to reach more relevant fliers. As an airline they were the perfect fit for Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)—their inventory of low-cost flights and constant promotions meant an unfathomable amount of static ad creation for their team.

They ran two different creatives throughout the course of their first campaign when working with Sojern. One was a DCO based on search behavior—prospecting and retargeting with the base price of a flight. The other was a set of promotional creatives, which were done in-house, with images and special prices that were displayed at certain key dates.

HK Express found success in dynamically changing their promotions to attract new customers. They featured promotions for Father’s day, weekend sales, BOGO tickets, etc. Testing which promotions were the most appealing helped HK Express create a long-term strategy for sales.

Read the full case study here.

Highlight Unique Hotel Properties

There is a sweet spot for how and when hotel chains use DCO. Chains with multiple locations, unique offerings, and different price points really need a dynamic solution to highlight everything. Coast Hotels has offerings dependent on each of their locations in the Northwest United States, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. And, they have many features to highlight at each with many different room prices—making them the perfect candidate for a DCO campaign.  

Throughout the campaign, Coast Hotels worked in collaboration with Sojern and Coast Hotel’s ad agency, GCommerce Solutions, as there were constant updates being made to the creative assets, like images and ad copy. A combination of A/B testing to optimize the rotation of promotional offers, along with evergreen efforts, kept the creatives fresh and converting.

Read the full case study here.

Pair Real-Time Pricing with Travel Dates and Destinations

In the highly competitive airline industry, Qatar Airways needed innovative solutions to stay ahead. To place a focus on post-click conversions, personalized ads were created based on traveler intent signals of dates and destinations and paired with real-time pricing for ad creation. Dynamic ads helped increase post-click conversions while saving time with instant personalization. During the DCO campaign, background images, destinations, and ticket prices were changed to attract new customers to convert.

This campaign worked well for two reasons. First off, the retargeting was incredibly precise as users were chosen based on the destination cities served by Qatar Airways. Secondly, Qatar ensured a seamless booking experience by deep-linking pages relevant to the destination searched. Both made for relevant targeted ads that quickly converted.

Read the full case study here.

TIP: The “Book now” button used on these ads is a great place to send the traveler straight to the booking site with the quoted price.

Retarget Using Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel (Facebook DAT) launched in May 2016 as Facebook’s answer to personalized ads for the travel industry, capitalizing on their Dynamic Ads for product sales. DCO and Facebook DAT are more or less the same—with dynamic creative assets personalized to the individual users based on travel intent data.

As a well-known leader in the hotel and travel industry, Fairmont attracts many travelers who go to their website or click on their Google ads when preparing to travel. With the introduction of Facebook DAT, those travelers could now be retargeted on Facebook and Instagram—bridging the gap between the two biggest walled gardens. Fairmont had been creating ads manually for 65 hotel properties, which wasn’t a sustainable process to optimize by pulling all the correct levers and testing the different audience segments. Going dynamic solved these issues and made it more efficient and cohesive to manage all 65 locations.

Mobile ended up being a key aspect of this campaign. Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel make it easy to find cross-device users. So when Fairmont found that 80% of impressions were happening on mobile, they changed their whole strategy to accommodate. Once onboarded to Facebook DAT,  it was simple enough to alter the copy for each of the properties and ensure everything was optimized for mobile use—changing the template with DAT takes very little effort. This led to a very successful campaign on both mobile and desktop.

Read the full case study here.

Are you ready to create highly personalized ad campaigns that lead to lower CPAs, higher ROAS, and more bookings? Talk to our travel advertising specialists about our Dynamic Ad options today.


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About Ryleigh Hazen

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.

Ryleigh Hazen About the author

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.