Why You Should Geo Target Travelers Based on Intent

August 22, 2013

By leveraging audience intent data, advertisers can improve the user experience and optimize their online marketing campaigns. For example, Longboat Key Club, a four-star luxury beachfront resort and private club in Florida, partnered with Sojern to increase leisure travel bookings and multiple night stays while maintaining a low cost of booking. Over the course of the campaign we focused on in-market flight and hotel searchers.

A key element of the campaign was Longboat’s engagement of Florida travel searchers. It guaranteed that we were serving ads to people at their highest level of intent, in the days immediately following when they conducted their first search. As we optimized, we lowered our bounce rate to 40% — a 30% better rate than other ad agencies.

Customizing Offers to Audience

Offering incentives and customizing the messaging for visitors in a specific geographic area can increase audience engagement and conversion rates, providing marketers with an excellent opportunity to communicate on a more specific and targeted level. The Longboat campaign enabled the luxury hotel to connect geographically targeted consumers with a direct call to action. In this case, they offered a booking discount of $100 in resort credit each night of stay. The focus wasn’t on discounts, but instead on offering value to their bookers.


The resort credit proved to be of high engagement value with leisure travelers, and during the campaign we constantly monitored and made changes to reallocate budget and impressions from lower performing audiences to higher ones. We also tweaked our bids based on audience performance. This ensured that we weren’t restricted from hitting our top prospects. By experimenting with varying goals, we were able to get more delivery out of our best performers.


The geo targeted campaign resonated with the audience much more than a generic ad campaign. As such, we achieved a low bounce rate and a low cost per booking. We reached an audience of leisure travelers in an environment that created opportunities for engagement. Through the ad creative, we created a compelling reason for the intended audience to book a room. This campaign performed well with the leisure audience and generated a 22x ROI for Longboat Key Club.

By continuously testing a variety of travel intent and marketing messages, we gained a data-driven understanding about what the audience preferred. This allowed us to quickly adapt and optimize. Likewise, by focusing the campaign on the parts of the population for whom it’s most relevant, advertisers can increase the audience propensity to book a room.

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