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June 4, 2019

Over the past year and a half (since the start of 2018) the Omaha location has made 100 new hires. To accommodate new employees, the office moved to a larger space last fall that has room for 325 employees, which means there are 190 seats still left to fill over the next few years.

The Omaha office fully exemplifies the midwestern culture: “Sojernistas” are welcoming, friendly, and live our win as a team value (unless, of course, it’s over a friendly ping pong competition, and then it’s winner take-all). Here’s what it’s like to be a part of the Omaha team:

Working in Omaha

It’s true that Omaha is not one of the first places you’d think of being a startup hub. Fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Peter Kiewit and Sons, Inc., and Union Pacific Railroad have previously lead the charge in Nebraska. However, the Silicon Prairie is growing in popularity, as the Silicon Prairie News can attest. Since Sojern’s inception in 2007 we’ve been proud to bring a travel and technology lens to the community.

“We continue to invest in recruiting talent from Omaha because we’ve had great success here. This city continues to produce seasoned, hard-working professionals with top-notch transferable skills as well as college grads ready to start their careers in tech.” – Brent Brummer, VP Business Strategy & Operations

Sojern Omaha Office

The majority of  Sojernistas in Omaha come from schools in the city or have lived in the area their whole lives. They love the low cost of living and the ease of raising a family, and that Omaha supports their hobbies outside of work, be it golfing, spending time outdoors, or tornado chasing for the braver individuals.

This growth caused Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts to take notice, speaking at Sojern’s 2019 Sojern Global Conference.

“The way we want to grow our state is by having companies like Sojern continue to expand here and one of the ways we’re doing that is by helping make sure they can find the talent here. They’ve got a Women’s Group to encourage women to get involved in technology and IT. We’re missing out on half of the talent pool out there, and Sojern is taking the lead and doing that.” – Pete Ricketts, Nebraska Governor

Why Sojern?

The culture at Sojern is the number one reason people want to join the company, and every Sojernista has a hand in creating the place they want to work in. Omaha Sojernistas have done a lot to promote the culture of Sojern. They started Yoga Friday, created some of the most popular SoFit events like the annual volleyball competition, and began Sojern Gives Back.

Sojern Gives Back OmahaLike most companies, Sojern hires for “culture add,” and knows each person has something unique to bring. People who represent our values and are communicative, collaborative, detail oriented, and able to multitask in a fast paced environment thrive at Sojern.

“I love having a voice, and here at Sojern, I can share that. Sojern opens the doors to many opportunities and has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. Every day is different, making it a constant adventure!” – Sydnee Harchelroad, Business Development Representative

The atmosphere in all Sojern offices is incredibly collaborative. As a global company, employees get the chance to interact with other cultures and perspectives across time zones:

“The travel industry is incredibly exciting, so we see many prospective employees drawn in by the travel space. Anyone can love the company they work for. But when you love the industry your company is in and what your company does, you’ll always love your job.” – Jill Case, Recruiter, People Ops

Our Newest Sojern Employees Chime In

Why are so many people drawn to Sojern? We asked some of our new hires to find out:

“The multitude of personal growth opportunities coupled with the challenge of competing in the trillion-dollar travel industry are what get me excited everyday about working at Sojern. In terms of the company atmosphere, it’s clear that Sojern’s energizing and supportive culture is a direct reflection of the outstanding individuals who work here.  The Glassdoor reviews about Sojern speak for themselves and it wasn’t long after starting that I knew I made the right decision to join the company.” – Kyle Hampton, Analyst

“The reason why I enjoy working for Sojern so much is because of the people. All the people at Sojern are the best people in the world. Everyone is always willing to go out of their way to help me and answer my questions. People are a big factor in determining how a company’s culture is, and Sojern’s culture is something one would dream of.” – Vinh Vo, Campaign Coordinator

Due to our rapid growth rate Sojern’s Omaha office is always looking for Campaign Coordinators, Analysts, and those with experience in SEM, Ad Operations, Business Development, and more. Are you a perfect fit for Sojern? Check out our career page for up to date job postings!


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About Ryleigh Hazen

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.

Ryleigh Hazen About the author

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.