Sojern Property & Market Insights

May 12, 2016
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Sanjay Wahi

VP, Product and Insights

You can now access Sojern Insights via the same login you currently use to access your Sojern account.  Insights will help you answer questions such as:

1. Audience demographics:  what types of travelers are showing travel intent to my property and destination?  What are their demographics and travel patterns?

Audience Demographics Portal

2. Market insights:  which source markets show the most intent to travel to my destination? How does this vary by airport? Day of the week?

Market insights Portal

3. Hotel Performance:  how does my marketing investment with Sojern translate into Room Nights? ADR? LOS?  How does my booking window vary?  

Hotel Performance

Over the coming months we will be adding additional insights that help you better understand your prospective customers, market and performance that Sojern is driving.  As always, we’d love your feedback on what you find most valuable and what other insights we can be providing.


About Sanjay Wahi

Sanjay has more than 15 years of experience in using advanced data analytics to drive customer acquisition, online marketing, and product development. As Sojern’s VP of product and insights, he is responsible for setting the direction of Sojern’s traveler engagement platform.

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