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The Importance of Accessibility in Travel

By focusing your efforts on accessibility, you’ll enhance your destination’s reputation, see market expansion, boost the local economy, and gain a competitive advantage. Most importantly, you’ll provide inclusive experiences that are welcoming to all.

Take the guesswork out of travel marketing. Now you can reach and influence potential customers using a personalized data-driven marketing strategy. Our travel insight provides unprecedented visibility into the dynamics of travel.

Multichannel Scale

Reach and Inspire Travelers With All Abilities to Find Your Destination

Sojern can help you reach audiences across DMOs’ key areas of accessibility focus: Mobility Impairment and Wheelchair Bound, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Boost your efficiency in customer acquisition almost immediately when you utilize Sojern's deep multichannel scale across multiple digital channels. Delivering the right message at the right time gives your digital marketing campaigns the power to work harder and smarter.

Automated Optimization

Custom Accessibility Layered Targeting

We layer keyword contextual targeting, 3rd-party category targeting (through custom site lists), and Sojern custom travel intent audiences to create accessibility audiences for your destination.

Time to maximize your budget for its entire trip down the marketing funnel. By letting Sojern's platform automatically manage budget allocations across digital channels, you can be sure that your campaign is performing at its peak in every conceivable metric.

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