COVID-19: Using Facebook and Instagram to Fuel Recovery [Webinar]

July 27, 2022

August 27, 2020

“Travel has been one of the earliest and hardest hit industries. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates the travel industry could lose up to $2.1T in revenue and 75 million jobs just this year due to the virus.”

Unfortunately these figures ring true for many of us in the travel space as we know first hand the devastating impact of COVID-19.

But, there is also opportunity. Travelers are still seeking experiences. They’re getting to know their local surroundings through staycations, capitalizing on the opportunity to check out drive markets, and trying things in their respective regions they may not have tried otherwise while international travel remains on hold for most. These travelers are looking for inspiration on Facebook and Instagram, and with over 2 billion active users, getting your brand on these platforms is a sure way to get in front of travelers looking to book.

Hear from Facebook travel experts on specific things you can do to get your brand in front of those looking to travel now and drive them from inspiration to booking.

Sojern Webinar Series: Using Facebook and Instagram to Fuel Recovery

Although the future is not certain, one thing is clear; regardless of what stage of reopening you are in, social media is a key to your success during recovery. On our webinar, Facebook joins Sojern to talk about how travel marketers can use Facebook and Instagram to drive engagement and bookings. We will share best practices for paid and non-paid marketing campaigns, examples of messaging to use during the different phases of recovery, and recommendations on how to target those looking now versus those looking in 2021.

Please download the slides here.

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COVID-19: Using Facebook and Instagram to Fuel Recovery [Webinar]
Christy Jobman

Christy is a senior marketing manager at Sojern with over seven years of digital marketing experience. She crafts and executes Sojern's strategy to support destination marketing, primarily focused on global localization, content development, and new initiatives to help destination marketers see success in the cookieless world. Through partnering with destination experts in the industry, her vision is to help the world's destination marketers find the right travelers and engage them with the right message at the right time.

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