Attribution for Travel Marketers

A leading expert in attribution, Ed Stevenson, VP of Sojern, breaks down what the future could look like—will marketers ever be able to see how their various touch points affect a purchase?

The Biggest Mistake You’re Making on Facebook

A Mobile Strategy is Essential for APAC Growth

Debunking the Myth of the Average Traveler

How Digital Video is Disrupting TV

Machine Learning in Real-Time Advertising

Changing the Hotel Advertising Landscape

Advertising to the Fragmented European Market

Challenges for Today's Travel Marketers

Solving Challenges for Travel Brands Large & Small

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About the Travel Thought Leadership Series

"When you look at the individual path to purchases, you then have to begin to realize how meaningless those segments are."

Stephen Taylor, Debunking the Myth of the Average Traveler

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