Maybe you have heard of programmatic advertising? Maybe not? But, you definitely have experienced it. Programmatic technology powers the targeted ads that follow you around the web. In this webinar from Sojern, learn how you can can use this technology to promote your hotel and find travelers who want to book a hotel room in your area. We will cover topics including:

  • A simple explanation of what programmatic technology is
  • Overview of how you can use it find travelers looking to stay in your area
  • Real-life examples of how Sojern helps hotels drive direct bookings

Our Speaker:

Catlyn Origitano
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Catlyn Origitano is the Content Marketing Manager at Sojern, a data-driven performance marketing company that works with top travel brands and independent hotels. With nearly a decade of social media and content marketing experience, Catlyn helps hoteliers and travel marketers improve their marketing efforts worldwide. Catlyn hails from Illinois and holds a PhD in Philosophy.