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How to Prepare for the Future of Hotel Guest Expectations

When imagining the hotel experience in 2030, American hotel guests predicted around-the-clock virtual concierge services, mobile payments, and the personalization of mobile travel guides. Whatever the future holds, we’ve got three tips to better understand your guests and their changing preferences and expectations.

Get to Know Sojern Singapore

With offices in San Francisco, New York City, Omaha, London, Dubai, Dublin, and Singapore, it’s safe to say that Sojernistas can be found in every corner of the globe. It’s a good thing we all love travel so much.

Top Tools to Help GMs Meet Hotel Guest Expectations

Even if you have your own messaging right, third parties can impact the way in which guests form expectations about their stay. Because of the many intermediaries at play between hotel properties and guests, it can be difficult to set, and therefore meet, guest expectations. Our eBook dives into many of these challenges while offering… Read more »

4 Reasons Hoteliers Should Drive Direct Bookings in 2017

Online hotel bookings are looking to rise in 2017, but so too are third parties, like Online Travel Agencies’ (OTAs), share of the marketplace. In fact, OTAs are poised to enjoy a majority of hotel bookings in 2017. Given this rise, now, more than ever, hoteliers need to work to drive bookings directly to their… Read more »

4 Ways to Manage Disappointed Hotel Guests

According to J.D. Power, hotel satisfaction rates last year were at an all-time high. While you strive to leave your hotel guests satisfied, it’s inevitable that at some point, you will fail to meet a guest’s expectations. It’s important to know that a complaint won’t make or break you, but how you respond to it… Read more »

Sojern Sit Down Part One: Faraz Qureshi, Founder of Discusses the Latest Developments in the Cruise Industry

A native Floridian, Founder and General Manager, Faraz Qureshi knew the potential of cruise. In the nearly nine years that he’s been in the cruise industry, passengers increased from just under 18M in 2009, expecting to surpass the 24M mark this year. Despite its growth, cruise has a reputation of lagging behind the technological… Read more »

Case Study: How a Miami Hotel Increased Direct Bookings [Video]

Thibaut Asso, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach talks about how his hotel tackled the challenges of opening a hotel in the Miami market. He highlights that while the internet has given people options and self-sufficiency for travel, it’s also created a jungle where it’s hard to stand out and be… Read more »

Going Beyond the OTAs: How to Drive Bookings to Your Website [Video]

Sojern’s own John Israel, Regional Sales Director, presented to independent hoteliers at our recent Masterclass event. Watch the recap video and learn more about the struggles that both travelers and hotels have when OTAs mediate their relationship—and what hoteliers can do to go beyond OTAs. Watch the video: