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6 Trends Hoteliers Need to Pay Attention to This Year

Every industry experiences new trends and fads, some of which are ephemeral, like parachute pants in the 80s. Other trends are more permanent, like exceptional customer service. The hotel industry is no different. Last year we saw big mergers between hotel brands and the push for direct bookings as two major trends—and those don’t seem… Read more »

What’s the Perfect Lead Time for Your Hotel Ads?

Knowing the best time to begin your hotel marketing campaigns means you get the best ROI on your marketing spend, but figuring out that exact timing isn’t so simple. Our latest hotel report, From Search Engine to Booking Engine, dives into the factors that impact your property’s ideal lead time, or the time between when… Read more »

How Wyoming Office of Tourism Takes Content and Storytelling a Step Further

The concept of “digital storytelling” is everywhere these days. Literally, everywhere. You can’t attend an industry conference or read an industry blog without hearing about the importance of content and storytelling. So rather spending the next 10 minutes of your time reading about why content matters, instead I will provide insight into how Wyoming is… Read more »

Can Facebook Catch Up To Google In Travel Advertising?

This article was originally posted on AdExchanger on March 20, 2017 as part of their Data-Driven Thinker series.  Google set its eyes on the travel industry a while ago. Travel is one of its top ad revenue sources. The Priceline Group alone reportedly spent a big chunk of its $3.5 billion investment in search engine… Read more »

5 Insights for Reaching Business and Leisure Travelers

In a survey conducted by The GO Group, respondents said they planned on traveling more for business (15%) and leisure (21%) in 2017 than in 2016. People’s reason for travel plays a significant role in their search and booking patterns. So, if you are primarily trying to reach one traveler type over the other, you’ll… Read more »

Sojern Says: “G’Day Sydney!”

With Australia’s leisure tourism market growing by nearly 14% and New Zealand’s annual arrivals up 11% year on year, there is massive potential in Oceania for travel advertisers looking to reach new customers and extend their reach. That’s why I’m very happy to announce that Sojern now has a presence in the heart of Sydney. I’ve… Read more »