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Sojern Earns Top Company Culture Spot from Entrepreneur Magazine

I’m thrilled to share with you today that Sojern received a coveted spot (spot number 36 to be exact) on Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures list. What’s particularly exciting for me is that we won the award while being in the Large Company category and we are in good company: Asana, Grovo, WalkMe and more.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were a small team with just a handful of employees in San Francisco and Omaha. Now, we are profitable, 250-strong and with offices in San Francisco, Omaha, New York City, Dublin, London, Singapore, and Dubai.

How’d we do it? How did we add hundreds of new employees (aka Sojernistas), open new offices around the globe, and maintain an award-worthy culture? This was no mistake or fluke. As I was thinking about what makes Sojern such a special place, a lot of it centered around the people, our values, and the hard work we’ve done to keep them and grow them.

Sojern Values Set the Course

For a long time our culture was just informal and pretty loose—but nonetheless unique. We are a place of smart, fast-moving doers. We reward honesty and support each other through projects and new ideas. As a smaller company, this scrappy, lean-in attitude was easy to maintain. But as we grew, I knew that we had to ensure that we didn’t lose what made us great.

The first step was to acknowledge that eventually we’re going to have to trust other offices and divisions of the company to perpetuate our culture and define it. In order to help our Sojernistas around the world stay grounded to who we are, the Leadership team spent months really getting down to what is it that makes this place cool—and this is what we came up with:

Center Around the Customer

Be Genuine

Deliver Wow

Win as a Team

Champion Diversity

Values in Practice

Our values aren’t just aspirational, they are who we are today. These five concepts are the cornerstones of our hiring, annual review process, training, onboarding, and more. For Sojernistas, it all comes down to those values.

From Sojern Gives Back—our non-profit effort to give back to local communities—to our Orange Crush Awards—an internal gift to fellow Sojernistas who embody the values, we work hard to infuse our values throughout every aspect of our work.

Earning a place on Entrepreneur’s prestigious list is such an honor, especially given the high caliber of the other companies on the list. But more than winning this great award, I am glad to see that our values, our culture, and our core is persisting and advancing along with our growth as a company. Sojern is truly a unique place to work—and we’re hiring!

Mark Rabe

About Mark

With more than two decades of senior leadership roles in the digital media space, Mark loves the challenge of scaling companies and using technology to solve tough business problems. As CEO of Sojern, he engineered the company's pivot from a boarding pass ad business to the world’s most powerful direct demand engine for travel. Under his leadership, Sojern has grown more than tenfold and achieved profitability in 2015 by driving billions of dollars in direct booking revenue for its travel customers. Prior to Sojern, Mark held leadership positions at Yahoo!, Overture and About, Inc. He is an active member of the IAB and advisor to several digital media companies.