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Sojern Teams Up with Google to Reveal Hotel Guests’ Path to Booking

We’re excited to release From Search Engine to Booking Engine: Sojern’s 2017 Hotel Report. Together, Sojern and Google are able to offer an unprecedented look at the entire path to hotel booking. 

A few questions we explore include:

What are the biggest changes in hotel searches?

Google is, for many, the go-to starting point for any search—and travel is no exception. As such, Google sees a lot of the upper-funnel intent for hotels—the terms, brands, and phrases people use when they are starting their travel search.

In our report, Google reveals a number of the fastest growing hotel brands—download the report to see if your brand makes the list.

Our report reveals substantial growth in searches for vacation rentals, which includes home sharing searches. We also see searches for casino and amusement park hotels growing steadily. Hotels that offer more than just a room—but an experience—seem to be on the rise at the early stage of travel planning.

Who’s searching the most for their hotel?

We all know that travelers perform an increasing number of searches before they finally book and our report offers even more insight into these intent signals. We find, for example, that luxury hotel bookers perform, on average, more searches than any other segment.

Want to know how many searches your segment of guests conduct? Get the report to find your number.

We also look at where hotel searches fall in the path to purchase for an entire trip. Surprisingly, it’s not a flight search or booking that is the most frequent event before a hotel search.

How is mobile impacting your pipeline?

Mobile continues to be key to the hotel guest path to purchase, most prominently as a device for search. We see, for example, mobile searches climb on the weekends. However, those mobile searches aren’t converting into mobile bookings. Poor mobile experience is driving guests to book on desktops, if at all.

All segments stand to make gains on mobile searches with an improved mobile experience. Luxury more than most. Though luxury sees the lowest share of mobile searches for their rooms, they are experiencing the largest growth in mobile of any segment. On the other side of the spectrum, economy hotels see 70% or more of their searches done on mobile.

Get the full report now to learn more about hotel guests’ path to purchase and what you can do to reach them throughout their journey from search to booking.

Catlyn Origitano

About Catlyn

Catlyn is Sojern's Senior Content Marketing Manager. She loves playing video games and hiking with her dog, Dottie. Her favorite part of travel is the food, preferring street food to fine dining. She holds a PhD in Philosophy.