Sojern Drives Strong Ticket Sales for The Tour at NBC Studios

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in tour ticket sales in Q4 2018


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in-market travelers with a highly targeted campaign
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Managed Campaign

New to programmatic advertising, the marketing team at The Tour at NBC Studios partnered with Sojern starting in late 2018 to reach in-market travelers and drive ticket sales for the tour. In Q4 2018 alone, Sojern drove over $80,000 worth of ticket sales

"The Sojern team delivered a really focused campaign for us, and proved the impact of our marketing spend. Some of their insights were things we hadn’t thought of looking at before, so they’ve been a comprehensive partner."

Ryan Michaelsen
Director of Tours and Marketing


The Tour at NBC Studios is one of the most iconic activities for people visiting New York City. The team has marketed The Tour through various outlets in the past and sought a better way to measure the impact of their spend. “We want to do things that move the needle for us,” explains Ryan Michaelsen, Director of Tours and Marketing. “Proving results that we can track back to a campaign is key."


Over the course of the Q4 2018 campaign, Sojern drove over $80,000 worth of ticket sales for The Tour at NBC Studios. More than just the ticket sales, the team was impressed with the added value that the Sojern team provides in terms of insights and campaign support. “Recently we just started testing A/B creative, to see what works and what doesn’t,” continues Michaelsen. “That insight is really beneficial."

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