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Meet your brand, performance, and visitation goals by activating audiences across programmatic, CTV, social media, SEM, and metasearch channels.

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Multichannel Campaigns Deliver Results

The Traveler’s Planning Journey is Where is All Begins

Target audiences are just waiting to be activated across multiple channels.

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Enhance Multichannel Reach

Scale your digital campaigns by reaching and converting travelers across programmatic, CTV, social media, SEM, and metasearch.

Boost Marketing ROI

Built for travel from day one, our platform is packed with more than 15 years of learning from 10,000+ travel companies to deliver maximum efficiency.

Stellar Customer Service

Prompt response times and knowledgeable team members are just the beginning. As an added bonus, we’re very pleasant people.
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Maximize Your Time

Campaign optimization is our specialty. This frees up time and resources for you to focus on meeting your goals.
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Media Planning & Activation That’s Ready When You Are

Intelligent Media Planning

Get results from day one with our pre-optimization, leveraging learning from thousands of travel customers specifically for travel marketers.

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AI-Powered Audiences

Maximize engagement with customized audiences that sync up perfectly with your channels and objectives. Learn more about our intelligent audiences.

Multichannel Activation

Boost your reach by identifying the channels with the most appeal to your audience; programmatic, social, SEM, metasearch, and more.

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Designed for Multichannel Performance

Discover the Difference With Our Managed Campaign

Your ideal travelers constantly navigate across channels as they plan for and purchase their upcoming trip. When you find them at the moment they’re most receptive to your message, you win. Sojern sets you up for virtual victory.

  • Display: Reach your target audience with high-quality display, native, and video placements
  • Video:  Make deeper connections via the most engaging storytelling medium
  • Native: Boost your content with non-disruptive ads that fit seamlessly into the website experience
  • Connected TV: Capture the attention of potential visitors and guests with sight, sound, and motion on any internet-connected screen
  • Social: Engage travelers on top social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • SEM: Execute keyword campaigns on the world’s largest search engines
  • Metasearch: Compete efficiently on the top metasearch engines as your brand defense strategy against the OTAs
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Your Global Travel Partner

We’re a Marketer’s Best Friend

With cutting-edge tech and a whole host of services that deliver real results, Sojern does more than lighten your workload. You join forces with a knowledge-backed partner that exists to help you maximize every marketing dollar.

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