Andaz San Diego achieves a 33:1 ROI and travel marketing expertise with Sojern

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Andaz San Diego has partnered with Sojern since 2018, with Sojern running programmatic display campaigns on their behalf. The team leverages Sojern’s expertise in travel and digital marketing to drive results and bookings. The most recent campaign achieved a 33:1 ROI, 37% above target.

“Ultimately we look at the return. The value is obvious, and Sojern takes care of something that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I’ve worked in multiple properties and we’ve always worked with Sojern. It’s great to have a reliable partner.”

Adam Drescher
Director of Sales, Events and Marketing


Besides recovering from setbacks caused by COVID-19, Andaz San Diego has a lean marketing team. While Hyatt has strong marketing infrastructure, the team sought a way to raise their individual property presence. “I come from a hotel background, not necessarily a marketing background,” explains Adam Drescher, Director of Sales, Events and Marketing, “so we want a partner to help activate that for us.”


Sojern ensures that Andaz San Diego’s marketing dollars are hard at work delivering the best results. Our proprietary travel audiences, technology platform and team of travel experts ensure we efficiently hit your goals and maximize the business impact of our customers’ marketing spend. The most recent campaign achieved an ROI that was 37% above target, at 33:1.

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