We Know Travel & Traveler Behavior

There are two sides to travel: supply and demand. Understanding how they interact allows you to make smarter moves with your marketing budget. Let’s say someone is searching for accommodations, but isn’t necessarily looking to book at that instant. Without a better understanding of their intent based on historical and behavioral trends (along with available inventory), marketers are left twisting in the wind. Sojern brings stability.

Simply Put, Travel is in Our Bones

Since day one, we’ve maintained an unwavering focus on travel. Over the last 15 years, we’ve painstakingly built the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™ that has grown to be the envy of the industry.

To realize the full potential of what we amassed over time, we’ve evolved from a data-driven advertising company to become a multichannel platform company that is built for the future of travel marketing.

Years of hard work have allowed us to harness the knowledge necessary to develop cutting-edge AI technology that power the Sojern Travel Marketing Platform.

When these forces combine, you don’t just gain access to a platform with tools that lighten your workload, you tap into a knowledge-backed partner that seeks to maximize every marketing dollar. In the end, Sojern exists to take you wherever you want to go.

Travel Data and Insights

Performance is Built-in

An ever-evolving industry demands a higher level of agility. Imagine being able to effortlessly ensure that your online campaigns are constantly performing at their peak. Sojern can automatically manage your budget allocations and ensure that every ad is truly maximized across every channel.

In the digital arena, speed and accuracy determine the travel world’s real winners and losers. In less than one second, our systems can carry out automated purchasing and ad placement across millions of websites. It’s the difference between celebrating a sale or arriving after the party has ended.

Campaign optimization creates a financial domino effect: better performance boosts awareness, which leads to increased considerations that ultimately drive conversions. This combination helps boost revenue and build brand loyalty.

But savvy marketers don’t just care about increasing revenue—efficiency is the key to profitability. You can track every dollar spent and see its impact using our easy-to-read performance measurement and reporting dashboards. The result is a best-case scenario for travel marketers who want greater control and transparency, while making their bottom line the ultimate beneficiary.

The Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™

As a marketer, your goal is to keep making smarter decisions. Having a deeper understanding of both the supply and demand sides of travel lets you factor in important aspects like historical and behavioral trends, pricing, and inventory. Finding this information and putting it to work is no longer optional. To survive and grow, it has become a necessity.

We have spent years collecting, aggregating and analyzing literally billions of travel intent signals like hotel and airline booking data from thousands of travel brands in every corner of the globe—and we continue to do that daily. We call this data rich environment the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™. It’s what truly powers our clients’ success and continued growth.

This unmatched collection of data gives you a far better grasp of the global travel market.

The Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™ is overflowing with the information that intelligent marketers crave: travel intent, historical bookings, guest loyalty, benchmarking, and supply and inventory data—just to name a few. When our ability to see a customer’s full journey combines with your first-party data, new possibilities emerge. That traveler you think is loyal only to you? That may not be the case. But without access to greater knowledge, you’ll never know. Taking full advantage of our resources is where success truly lies.

Once our partnership is established, you can easily view travel dynamics in an entirely new light. With expanded visibility, enriching your data assets, developing targeting strategies, or leading prospective travelers along a path to purchase becomes simpler than ever. The dynamic, multichannel world in which we find ourselves requires this kind of next-level thinking.

Privacy by Design

We believe access to consumer data is a privilege and not a right. Trust is earned. As stewards of information, one of our core beliefs is that the use of someone’s data should always align with their expectations.

Our data partnership agreements outline how we collect and use data in a responsible manner, and we have long-standing relationships with vetted, trusted partners. Additionally, we only work with data that’s gathered using behavioral travel search and booking information to give people relevant travel offers. Put simply, we use travel data to make the consumer travel experience better by providing relevant, personalized offers while also respecting a person's right to privacy.

It’s important that you also understand the data that we don’t collect or use—your name, date of birth, mailing address, financial information or any other sensitive personal data that doesn’t tell us what kind of travel you’re looking for.

Transparency is extremely important to us. To learn more about our privacy-forward approach to marketing, visit our Privacy Center.

Our Approach To Data

Permission-Based Personalization

Savvy travel marketers should be planning ahead for the demise of 3rd party cookies, and as your digital marketing partner, we will help you build long-term strategies to stay ahead of changes in the digital marketing landscape. Whether it is working with you to enhance your first-party data, helping you collect hashed emails, or assisting you with creating high performance multichannel marketing strategies, we are here to help.

The digital marketing arena is a fast and dynamic environment, and online customers are won and lost in milliseconds. As your partner, we’re here to help you move into the future faster by leveraging a diverse, multichannel marketing strategy to reach travelers along every step of their travel-planning journey.

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Years of hard work have allowed us to gather the knowledge necessary to develop the cutting-edge AI technology that power the Sojern Travel Marketing Platform.

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When it comes to digital marketing for the travel industry, we've got all the technology and services you need to meet your marketing goals. With the power of Sojern at your fingertips, you don’t just gain access to tools that lighten your workload, you tap into a knowledge-backed partner that seeks to maximize every marketing dollar.

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