Our Approach to Data

At Sojern, travel data is at the heart of everything we do. For 15 years, we’ve cultivated strategic data relationships with thousands of trusted industry partners. Simultaneously, we work to ensure responsible data collection and usage strategies for every one of your campaigns.

Below we’ve outlined our approach to protecting the data of travelers, our clients, our partners and our brand.

Why Sojern
Sojern Platform

The Sojern Traveler Ecosystem

The Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™ is our industry-leading database in which we’ve thoughtfully collected, aggregated and analyzed literally billions of travel intent signals like hotel and airline booking data from thousands of travel brands in every corner of the globe—and we continue to do that daily. This unmatched collection of pseudonymised data gives you a far better grasp of the global travel market.  It’s what truly powers our clients’ success and continued growth.

Data Privacy

Data privacy isn’t just a big deal to consumers; it can make or break your brand. That’s why every part of the Sojern platform is built to help you align with consumers’ expectations and preserve their ability to control their own personal information. We help you deliver a customer experience that builds trust.

We are also committed to earning your trust by focusing on the following privacy principles:

Consent & Control

With Sojern, we work to ensure that you are in control of your own data. We will provide choices when possible, and honor privacy rights and requests.


We are transparent about our data collection, use and disclosure. We will clearly outline our data practices so you and your travelers can make informed decisions.

Accountability & Respect

We will be accountable to keep personal information secure and confidential, respect local privacy laws, require third-party providers and recipients of your data to do the same, and educate our employees on compliance with privacy policies and laws.

These principles serve as the foundation of our privacy approach and guide how we shape our platform in the future. Our principles and the Sojern platform help you to meet travelers’ privacy expectations and give them the right tools to manage their own data.

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Our commitment to data privacy is important, which is why we are both trusted and certified members of:


What We Don't Do (with Data)

It's important that you understand what information we do and do not collect:

  • We do not collect sensitive personal information in order to target advertisements; for example, health data, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.
  • We do collect other types of pseudonymized information that specifically help us to demonstrate travel intent and related online shopping behaviors; for example, flight information or hotel booking behavior.
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Data Security

Because our business was founded in data, security and privacy were built in by design. The first step is to pseudonymize personal information from the very beginning.

  • Your data flows into the Sojern Warehouse via a secure API call or secure file transmission/transfer. Sojern uses “SSL/TLS” (industry standard encryption) for communications over public networks. 
  • To ensure that your data is secure, we use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the underpinning infrastructure for our own systems. Everything on Google Cloud is encrypted at rest with AES-256 encryption. Our systems regularly undergo independent verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls, achieving certifications, attestations, and audit reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • We implement security updates every month for our customers and audit our internal systems to ensure the highest level of data protection.
  • No central data processing exists on-premise of any Sojern owned and/or operated property beyond that accessed via employer-owned, employee-operated computers. Further security measures are taken through industry-leading identity and access management and endpoint systems management.

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