Flexible Solutions to Boost Tourism Growth & Economic Impact

We know co-ops come in a variety of formats. That's why we build custom co-op solutions that benefit you and your stakeholders based on needs. Best of all, we can help prove economic impact and ROI for you and your participants’ investments.

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Graphic showing 6x return on ad spend
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Maximize Your Money With Sojern

Your Stakeholders Will Love How We Do Co-Op

Partners can get 3x the value 

with matched funds from the host and media value from Sojern. 

We can help you with partner outreach

by identifying eligible participants and encouraging them to join your co-op.
Co-op Marketing

You'll reach and influence travelers

to visit your destination and your partner’s businesses by leveraging travel intent data from the Sojern Travel Ecosystem™.
Managed Platform

We take the lift off your team

by onboarding partners, building display ads for your partners when needed, managing billing, sharing individual reports, and more.
Co-Op with Sojern

What Makes Our Co-Op Different?

Scalable and Customizable 

We can create, activate, and manage customized co-op advertising solution for your destination that benefit all partners.

  • Supports all sizes, budget levels, and partner types (DMOs, hotels, attractions, airlines, and more)
  • Flexible models, including a match program that can increase advertising value by 3x
  • Custom audience targeting delivers the right travelers to you 
  • Custom participant campaigns built for the KPI goals of each partner
Mockups of browser and mobile devices showing various ad channels
Various modules showing data from Sojern platform

Proprietary Travel Intent Data

We feed a variety of data points into our AI technology to understand who to show an ad to when travelers are actively searching and booking their travel. This allows us to engage and convert them at the right moment with the right message to drive them to visit your destination and book with you. Our goal is simple, we want to: 

  • Drive visitation with the right travelers 
  • Increase in-market visitor spend
  • Prove economic impact 

Proving Impact and ROI

We know how important it is to show the value of every marketing dollar spent to your stakeholders. Sojern will prove the economic impact and ROI of all participants’ shared marketing investment.

  • Co-op participants enjoy 24/7 access to real-time campaign performance data
  • Hosts receive aggregate reports detailing total spend, bookings, and participant performance
  • Hosts also receive aggregate economic impact reports, showcasing indicators like traveler numbers, hotel nights, flights booked, and ROAS
Laptop showing Sojern dashboard

Deeper Knowledge Drives Deeper Results

Your Goals Drive Us

Helping you drive brand awareness, inspiration, and ad engagement across channels.

  • Display: Reach your target audience with high-quality display, native, and video placements
  • Native: Boost your content with non-disruptive ads that fit seamlessly into the website experience
  • Video: Make deeper connections via the most engaging storytelling medium
  • Connected TV: Capture the attention of potential visitors and guests with sight, sound, and motion on any internet-connected screen
  • Social: Find and engage travelers on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
Mockups of 3 mobiles phones showing display ads, Facebook ads, and a video ad
Your Global Travel Partner

Why Destination Marketers Love Sojern

The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform helps you find travelers online and bring them to your destination. We help you: 

  • Efficiently drive awareness among your ideal visitors with multichannel advertising
  • Inspire and capture demand all year long
  • Prove the economic impact of your marketing with our Economic Impact Report 
  • Understand your visitors using data and insights 
  • Build custom audiences to raise awareness of key initiatives and unique experiences around authenticity, safety, sustainability, and equality/inclusion 

Trusted by 100s of DMOs Worldwide

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