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Since our founding 15 years ago, we’ve partnered with industry leaders across the globe to amass a vast array of data and learnings. Today, we’re the choice of industry leaders who want to grow their business, because no one knows travel and travelers like we do.

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Help Your Clients Drive Direct Bookings

Reaching potential customers as soon as they begin their travel search is the key to success. Our partnerships with the hospitality industry’s top technology providers and booking engines provide you with a vast array of integrated solutions that can deliver exceptional value and increased revenue.

Sojern’s deep relationships with OTAs, airlines, hotels and more allow us to get your clients’ ads in front of travelers while they search. This not only builds awareness, it helps drive them to your clients’ websites to learn more and book their travel directly.

Why Partner With Sojern?

Direct bookings are a direct route to boosting incremental revenue for global booking engines. And as your primary advertising partner, Sojern is built to help make it happen. We have the know-how that can drive up to three times more direct bookings for our shared clients.

#1 Travel Marketing Platform

To succeed in today’s market, travel businesses must find, engage and retain travelers at every stage of their journey. Put Sojern’s Travel Marketing Platform to work and see the incredible results that our easy-to-use technology and services can deliver. Optimizing marketing budgets is what truly unlocks growth. With this platform, customer acquisition becomes more efficient, and customer value is maximized.

Sojern Traveler EcosystemTM

We don’t just understand the information that intelligent marketers crave, we created the Sojern Traveler EcosystemTM to deliver it. Travel intent, historical bookings, guest loyalty, benchmarking and supply and inventory data form the foundation of our platform. We put it to work to help campaigns perform at their peak.

“Sojern is a super partner to work with for hotels that are looking to drive qualified travellers to their direct channel.”

James Bishop
Sr. Director, Global Ecosystem, Siteminder
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DAta Partnerships

Get More From Your Data With Sojern

We take the responsible use of travel data very seriously. When you add your data to the Sojern Traveler EcosystemTM, you can be confident that our unique, long-standing agreements clearly outline how we collect and use travel data. Our 15-year history of building strategic data relationships with trusted industry partners speaks for itself.


  • Incremental Revenue Every Month
  • Private & Secure
  • Easy, One-Time Integration
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Travel Market Intelligence
  • Be Ahead of Industry Changes
  • Preferred Media Pricing

Simply and Securely Monetize Your Data

By simply adding Sojern tags to your pages, you can start earning incremental revenue. Our data monetization program can be used in a brand’s own marketing and to incrementally generate user monetization dollars.

  • Transparency: We are transparent about our data collection, use and disclosure
  • Choice & Control: Decide what data you want to share. We honor privacy rights and requests
  • Accountability & Respect: We are accountable for keeping personal information secure and confidential, respecting local privacy laws

Our Commitment to Privacy

Prioritizing choice and control, transparency, and accountability and respect is at the heart of our approach to privacy. Any use of a person’s data should align with their expectations. Users’ identities should be always protected by anonymizing, aggregating and encrypting data. We work to ensure that a person’s private information stays that way, and we provide customers the tools that allow them to manage their data.

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