Find, Attract, & Convert Travelers Across Media Channels

Meet your goals at each stage of the travel buying cycle with a multichannel media strategy that moves travelers from dreaming to booking. Each channel plays a key role and when they’re optimized to work together, you’re more likely to see the return on ad spend for which you’ve been hoping.

Multichannel Marketing with Sojern

Our Platform Was Built for Multichannel Media

The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform integrates seamlessly with the media channels that matter most. With AI-Powered activation and optimization that saves you time and resources, Sojern delivers results across one, two, or several channels on your media plan. Maximize performance, ROI, and profitability by moving away from chasing disparate audiences and buying media in silos.


Drive direct bookings at a high ROAS at scale with display. It’s also a great complement to a multichannel engagement or awareness strategy.

  • Advanced Sojern AI activates and optimizes your media across multiple DSPs 
  • Reach Sojern Audiences with the widest variety of banner ad formats and sizes
Web and mobile mockups of display ads


Our platform’s multi-engine strategy and automated bid-optimization ensure that your message is featured at the right moment. That’s how metasearch drives direct bookings from travelers who are ready to purchase.

  • Reach travelers searching for hotels in your area
  • Personalize rates automatically by availability and itinerary 
Web and mobile mockups of metasearch ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

Travelers actively looking to book are an ideal target. SEM puts your ad at the top of the results page to drive them directly to your site.

  • Travel marketing experts manage brand and non-brand keyword campaigns
  • AI-powered bidding and keyword optimization ensure performance
Web and mobile mockups of SEM ads


Blend into the content travelers consume to seamlessly deliver an engaging and relevant message with native advertising.

  • Drive direct bookings with ads that match the content 
  • Engage travelers in the planning and booking stages 
Web and mobile mockups of native ads

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram users who are researching and planning their next trip are prime prospects. Engage them directly with Sojern’s AI-Powered Audiences.

  • Identify and reach travelers interested in your destination or a competitor’s
  • Promote your hotel to travelers most likely to visit
Mobile mockups of Facebook and Instagram ads

Connected TV (CTV)

Reach your target audiences via CTV to capture the attention of potential visitors and guests with sight, sound and motion on the biggest screen. 

  • Inspire visitation or drive awareness of key initiatives
  • Reach incremental audiences, that don’t have cable
  • Capture audience attention with high completion rates 
Web and mobile mockups of CTV ads


Drive awareness and engage travelers with immersive short- and long-form content on the web.

  • Identify travelers looking for inspiration or actively planning their trip 
  • Surround travelers with pre-, in-, and post-content ad positions
  • Reach the right travelers with Sojern Travel Audiences on YouTube—one of the largest video platforms
Web and mobile mockups of video ads

Best in Class Platform for All Media Channels

Forget the guesswork and get more value. When you activate all media channels on the Sojern Platform, you get a simple and effective way to get real results at every stage of the travel-buying cycle.

  • Unrivaled traveler and market insights
  • AI-powered audiences tailored to your goals
  • Automated cross-channel optimization
Laptop mockup showing Sojern Travel Marketing Platform dashboard

Find and Convert Travelers Everywhere Online

Take full advantage of every media channel to make real connections with travelers at precisely the right moment. Our platform lets you tap into the unique benefits of each channel to drive measurable results.