Drive Demand, Convert Customers and Build Loyalty Through Sojern's Travel Marketing Platform

Our combination of data and technology lets you target your ideal travelers with unmatched precision and efficiency. The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform is a set of easy-to-use software and services backed by our own cutting-edge technology to deliver unrivaled traveler insight, intelligent audiences, multichannel activation and optimization, and guest experience solutions — all in one place.

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Benefits That Add to Your Bottom Line

Unrivaled Traveler Insight
Take the guesswork out of travel marketing. Now you can reach and influence potential customers using a personalized data-driven marketing strategy. Our travel insight provides unprecedented visibility into the dynamics of travel.
  • Enrich your first-party data
  • Profile, find, and target your ideal travelers
  • Build the perfect audience for whatever you have to offer
Multichannel Scale
Boost your efficiency in customer acquisition almost immediately when you utilize Sojern’s deep multichannel scale across multiple digital channels. Delivering the right message at the right time gives your digital marketing campaigns the power to work harder and smarter.
  • Engage travelers more efficiently across digital channels
  • Deliver the right message in the right place at the right time
Automated Optimization
Time to maximize your budget for its entire trip down the marketing funnel. By letting Sojern’s platform automatically manage budget allocations across digital channels, you can be sure that your campaign is performing at its peak in every conceivable metric.
  • Optimize performance to drive awareness, consideration, and conversions
  • Continuously maximize your marketing budget

Feel Smarter From the Start

When you tap into the travel industry’s most intelligent marketing platform, you can make more intelligent decisions. Our superior AI systems utilize the Sojern Traveler EcosystemTM to deliver results that our competition simply can’t replicate.

The breadth and depth of our data trove forges better connections among travelers and with the market itself. Any other so-called “intelligent AI system” that operates from inferior data will produce an inferior result.

You’ll quickly reap the rewards of our team’s extensive labor. Over the last 15 years, our engineers and data scientists have been hard at work perfecting our platform. Now, you can easily reach your ideal audience that’s more receptive to your message because our advanced AI models make millions of decisions every second, every minute of every day. Their ultimate function is helping you maximize profitability with minimal effort. Our platform thinks of everything.

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Your Success Starts Here:
The Sojern Traveler EcosystemTM

A deeper understanding of both the supply and demand sides of travel lets you factor in data like historical and behavioral trends, pricing, and inventory to help you make smarter decisions. In today’s market, putting this info to work is vital to growing your business.

The Sojern Traveler EcosystemTM is the culmination of a decade and a half’s worth of collecting, aggregating and analyzing literally billions of travel intent signals every day—things like hotel and airline booking data from thousands of travel brands in every corner of the globe. It’s what truly powers our clients’ success and continued growth.

The Sojern environment is overflowing with the deeper data that intelligent marketers crave: travel intent, historical bookings, first-party data, guest loyalty, benchmarking, supply and inventory, just to name a few. When our ability to see a customer’s full journey combines with your internal info, new possibilities emerge. Those travelers you thought were loyal only to you? Maybe they’re not. But without access to our knowledge, you’ll never know. Getting a better grasp of the global travel market puts the power back in your hands.

Once we join forces, you’ll start to view travel dynamics in an entirely new light. This enhanced visibility means you can develop targeting strategies and create purchase paths much more effectively. The dynamic, multichannel world of travel demands the kind of next-level thinking that Sojern enables.

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Our Platform Delivers Best-in-Class Features

Unrivaled Traveler Insight

  • Data Enrichment
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling
  • Audience Building
  • Campaign Metrics and Reporting
  • Traveler and Market Insights

Multichannel Scale

  • Easy-to-use Multichannel Tool
  • Multichannel Strategy
  • Multichannel Reach and Activation
  • Multi-DSP Management

Automated Optimization

  • Marketing Budget Optimization
  • Cross-channel Optimization
  • Audience Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization

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