Le Burgundy increases their direct booking share by 20% by centralising digital marketing efforts with Sojern’s Managed Platform

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Le Burgundy is a luxury boutique hotel in central Paris and a Sojern customer since 2018. With our Managed Platform, Le Burgundy had a simple and effective way to increase its market visibility and share of direct bookings. By centralising their digital marketing efforts through Sojern, the team gets back critical time and resources.

"I appreciate that with Sojern, we have the branding and direct booking campaigns all rolled into one. With Sojern running all of our digital marketing efforts, we aren’t paying multiple vendors for the same booking, which has simplified things for us. We can see that in the last six months, we have more and more direct business thanks to working with Sojern, which is the ultimate goal of any hotelier."

Massimo Spolti
Director of Operations


Prior to Sojern, Le Burgundy was working with two vendors for their digital marketing efforts, which was inefficient from a time and resource perspective. “Having two companies to deal with represented a loss of time as we had to have the same conversations twice, and do the double amount of meetings to review performance. On top of that, we had to adapt to the different ways of working with each company. With Sojern, we save time and have a more coherent marketing strategy." said Massimo Spolti, Director of Operations. Le Burgundy was initially running Sojern’s Pay on the Stay Commission package, and saw strong direct booking performance. However as they recovered from the pandemic, they were looking for more control and predictability with their marketing spend.


In early 2022, Le Burgundy and Sojern partnered to build a comprehensive, always-on marketing plan through Sojern’s Managed Platform. Managed Platform gives Le Burgundy a full-funnel digital marketing solution that engages throughout the traveller journey, across programmatic display, social media,Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and metasearch. Le Burgundy’s plan takes into account the seasonality and market dynamics in Paris and then recommends how they should spend their annual budget throughout the year. Sojern then activates their multi-channel campaigns on their behalf, targeting both driving awareness and brand engagement as well as direct bookings. With the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™, Sojern taps into billions of travel intent data points to find and engage with those who are looking to travel to Paris.

Sojern's artificial intelligence takes those market dynamics into account, optimising budget allocation across channels and tactics to maximise brand engagement, measured in site visits and direct booking ROI. This helps the team at Le Burgundy be smarter about when and where they spend, especially as there’s still so much uncertainty about future traveller trends and market dynamics. Since starting on the Managed Platform inApril 2022, Le Burgundy has achieved a 14X ROI on their direct booking goals and beat their brand awareness goals, reducing their CPA by 32%.

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