Sojern, The Greek National Tourism Organisation, and Aegean Airlines collaborate to drive 28K visitors to Greece

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Aegean Airlines and The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) align funds and resources to drive visitors to Greece. Working with Sojern since 2018, the duo benefited from the use of programmatic video, display, social media, and YouTube. The latest collaboration with Sojern ran for six months and resulted in 37.9M ad impressions and 28K visitors to Greece.

"The service provided by the team at Sojern is excellent. Their nonstop focus on using traveller behaviour and optimising campaign performance is what has led us to achieving such excellent results."

Elly Politou
Senior Executive Destination Marketing


The collaboration between AEGEAN and GNTO was beneficial throughout 2020 to help overcome the challenges faced by the travel industry - namely, promoting Greece to international markets amid a pandemic. It was important to rely not only on direct response campaigns but also brand awareness, in order to keep the destination top of mind for when travel reopened. Targeting travellers who had previously visited the AEGEAN site was a key focus for the pair.


The aim of the joint marketing campaign was to drive direct bookings to, resulting in a positive economic impact for Greek tourism. With reduced budgets, the cost was also a key focus. The campaign provided 3.5M video views at a 60% lower cost than planned. Additionally, 28K bookings were made on “Sojern’s transparency throughout the campaign and excellent communication helped us achieve great results,” said Elly Politou, Aegean Airlines.

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