Air Mauritius and Sojern Prove the Value of a Digital Marketing Campaign to Drive Increased Route Demand

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Air Mauritius partnered with Sojern to drive awareness of its direct flight between Perth in Australia and Mauritius in East Africa. The campaign achieved an exceptional ROI and proved the value of digital marketing to Air Mauritius and its stakeholders.

“One of the key contributors to the continued success of our campaigns is the strength of Sojern’s travel specific data. The ability to leverage insights within the platform allowed us to optimise the budget from one week to the next, driving positive results.”

Youvraj Seeam
Manager Ecommerce


When the Australian market reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic, Air Mauritius received funds from Perth Airport to support the resumption of direct flights, and to promote their route between the two countries. The team wanted to drive qualified leads to their website, increase travel demand, and prove the impact of their spend to their stakeholders at Perth Airport.


Air Mauritius partnered with Sojern on a two-month digital marketing campaign using programmatic display and native ads. Access to the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™ enabled the airline to effectively target and acquire Australian travellers. We used insights into travel behaviours to find customers at the relevant stages of their planning journey. As a result, direct bookings for the airline’s Australia to Mauritius route grew rapidly. In fact, this route represented 45% of the total sales coming from their website, which is 80% higher than the pre-COVID period. It was important for the Air Mauritiusteam to track success throughout the campaign, and working with Sojern made this possible. “As it was not our money, it was very important that we could clearly report back on campaign effectiveness to the stakeholders at PerthAirport.” said Youvraj Seeam, manager ecommerce at Air Mauritius. “We had great results to share, with Air Mauritius providing the highest load factors the airport was seeing at that time.”

The campaign yielded a fantastic ROI of 39X, and exceeded CPA goals by 72%. As a result, Air Mauritius decided to launch a second campaign to expand reach to the UK market for which they got the full support of their Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Laurent Recoura. The campaign is already proving successful.

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