Los Cabos Tourism Partners with Sojern to Reach In-Market Travelers Across Display, Native, and Video

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Los Cabos Tourism has worked with Sojern since March 2017 in order to drive greater awareness of their destination to in-market travellers. Using a strategy that included display, video, and native assets, Sojern drove more website visits to the Los Cabos Tourism website.

"Sojern has been great at delivering our message at the right moment to the right person. Their extensive traveler data allows us to be effective with our marketing spend—so we can inspire more of our right audience to visit Los Cabos."

Miguel Mondejar
Marketing Manager


While online advertising is a massive opportunity for tourism marketers, using it effectively can be an overwhelming prospect. “The digital landscape is so huge,” says Miguel Mondejar, Marketing Manager, “it can be difficult to reach people who are realistically interested in or able to visit Los Cabos.”


Sojern drove over 22,900 visitors to the Los Cabos tourism website through this multi-channel approach. Video and Native assets created a sense of wanderlust for those who were looking for a holiday, but who hadn’t necessarily thought of Los Cabos as a destination. The Video alone achieved a 65% VTR. Display was also an effective way of inspiring travelers to visit the website, with a 0.37% CTR.

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