Fjord Norway Raises Online Awareness and Engagement with Sojern

diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations


Fjord Norway as a destination to aide in regional recovery efforts


video completion rate (9% above goal) with an eCPV of €0.02


in Fjord Norway site interactions at an average CPL of €3.70
Package Used
Programmatic Media

Regional DMO Fjord Norway partnered with Sojern to raise awareness and engagement with their online content. Through subsequent campaigns, they were able to share their captivating video assets with regional in-market travellers, as well as drive website visits to their engaging content.

"The Sojern team has been great at providing insights and helping us to make more data-driven decisions. They’re ahead of the game in connecting multiple data points and solving this puzzle for the tourism industry."

Linn Totland
Marketing Manager


In 2020 and 2021, many previously ardent travellers were reluctant to travel due to border restrictions, financial constraints, or health reasons. Travel marketers needed a way to reach travellers who were enthusiastic to travel. As markets began opening up in 2021, the Fjord Norway team needed a way to raise their region’s profile in a targeted way, and one which they could measure.


Sojern drove high personalisation by identifying users who were actively searching to travel to Norway or competitor destinations, and encouraging them to learn about Fjord Norway. Over the course of the two campaigns, Sojern raised the awareness of Fjord Norway to these key origin markets, and maximised engagements with people who were actively searching for travel. Sojern drove over 18,000 visits to the Fjord Norway website, with an efficient use of Fjord Norway’s spend.

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