21 Slang-tastic Terms to Jazz Up Your Vocabulary

And How: I strongly agree

Applesauce: flattery, nonsense, “Aw, applesauce!”

Bean Picker: an individual who attempts to patch up trouble (i.e. picks up spilled beans)

Bee’s Knees: something highly sought after, terrific; variations include: the cat’s meow, gnat’s whistle, etc…

Big Cheese: an important person (originated in this period)

Billboard: flashy man or woman

Blouse: go, to go (ie let’s blouse)

Cast a Kitten: to have a fit. Used at humorous and serious times, “Stop tickling me or I’ll cast a kitten!” Also, “have kittens”

Dip the Bill: let’s have a drink

Flat Tire:  a dull person

Get a Wiggle on: get going

Giggle water: liquor

Hit on All Sixes: to perform 100%

Iron One’s Shoelaces: to go to the restroom

Juice Joint: a speakeasy

Lettuce: money

Orchid: an expensive item

Oyster Fruit: pearls/pearl necklace

Panther Sweat: whiskey

Ritzy: elegant, high style; after Ritz hotel

Whangdoodle: jazz music, jazz band

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