Centre de confidentialité

Stay ahead of these Phishing Attacks and keep your personal data and information safe.

Be mindful with links and attachments:

  • Think before you click: Do not click on any links or any files attached from an unrecognized sender or URL purporting to be from Sojern. 
  • Download with caution: Download files or attachments from trusted sources and official websites. Open or download an attachment if you are expecting them and ensure the legitimacy of the source email or website. 
  • Digital mindfulness: Avoid fraudulent websites purporting to be from Sojern by checking the reputation of the URL and ensure that it has HTTPS in the address bar and secure connections or the lock symbol. Check the website URL for any typos and inconsistencies. Sojern’s official website is https://www.sojern.com/ 
  • Unrealistic Job Offers and Application fees: Be suspicious about giving your credit card data to websites, Emails, SMS messages that you do not recognize especially with promising gifts, money backs and money transfer for high paying jobs with minimal effort.
  • Do not share Personal Information: Be cautious and vigilant in sharing your personal information such as your social security number or bank account details in a job application.






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