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Feel the power of the #1 travel marketing platform that grants you unmatched visibility into travel demand and intelligence to make the most of your budget.

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Could Your Data be Doing More?

Hotel marketers that are implementing first-party data programs are seeing real-time value in doing it today vs. tomorrow.

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Always-On Marketing Gives Destination Marketers An Edge

Learn how to leverage an always-on marketing strategy for your destination in The Destination Marketer’s Guide to Always-On Marketing.

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When you understand how travel businesses are intertwined and have access to the data that drives those businesses, you’ll gain more knowledge to power your marketing decisions. With this expanded visibility, developing an always-on strategy and leading prospective travelers along a path to purchase becomes simpler than ever.

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Find, attract, convert and engage travelers at every stage of their planning and booking journey. Our easy-to-use travel marketing platform was built to boost your business.
Drive Direct Bookings
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Talking directly to the most valuable travelers for your destination gives you the best opportunity to exceed your marketing goals. Insights based on our vast amounts of top-tier data let you target your ideal visitors online with laser-like precision.
Drive Visitation
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Increase brand awareness and drive direct ticket sales for your tourist attraction. Our easy-to-use travel marketing platform was built to boost ticket sales and increase the value of visitors for your attractions.
Boost Ticket Sales
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Turn future flyers into current passengers when you partner with Sojern. Our unparalleled insight into global travel trends lets you target prospective ticket buyers with laser-like precision. Connect with us and go directly to your ultimate destination.
Maximize Revenue
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Discover what our platform can do for you

Boost Growth & Profitability

Focused on travel from day one, the Sojern Travel Marketing Platform provides unparalleled access to the inner-workings of travel. With cutting-edge AI technology—built by a dedicated team of engineers and data scientists, and guided by collective decades of travel experience—we put our expertise to work for you.

Find & Understand: Unrivaled Traveler Insight

Since day one, we’ve maintained an unwavering focus on travel. We aim to solve marketing problems exclusively for the travel industry by constantly seeking to understand traveler buying behavior. Working with Sojern means that we put that knowledge to work for you. We provide more insight into the traveler buying journey than customers can see on their own.

  • Enrich your first-party data
  • Profile, find, and target your ideal travelers
  • Build the perfect audience for whatever you have to offer
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Identify & Attract: Intelligent Audiences

Sojern’s AI-powered audiences offer travel marketers a strategic advantage in optimizing their marketing investments. By leveraging AI technology, marketers can make informed decisions on resource allocation, effectively targeting the right customer segments for maximum return on investment and business impact.

  • Target high intent travelers and deliver high-impact messages cross-channel
  • Use AI to maximize your first party data
  • Increase customer engagement with audiences that are enhanced in real time

Activate & Convert: Multichannel Activation & Optimization

Boost your efficiency in customer acquisition almost immediately when you activate media across multiple digital channels. Let Sojern automatically manage and optimize your marketing budget for cross-channel digital advertising, so you can be sure that your always-on campaign is always performing at its peak. Or use our latest Guest Experience Solutions to drive conversions and loyalty directly from your property. Delivering the right message at the right time gives your digital marketing campaigns the power to work harder and smarter.

  • Engage travelers more efficiently across digital channels: social, display, email, SMS, video and more
  • Optimize performance to drive awareness, consideration and conversions
  • Maximize your budget by delivering the right message in the right place at the right time
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Engage & Delight: Connected Guest Experience

Sojern’s enhanced Travel Marketing Platform now enables engagement across the entire guest journey with cutting-edge AI-powered technology to optimize booking value for hotels. We can provide hotel marketers with the ability to engage travelers before, during and after their hotel stay.

  • Increase guest satisfaction and get ahead of issues with customizable in-stay surveys
  • Boost ancillary revenue through easy email and SMS communication tools, templates, and campaign building
  • Maximize resources and relieve overburdened teams with automated messaging and message routing.
Key Differentiators

Our Platform Helps Your Dollars Work Harder

The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform is a set of easy-to-use software and services backed by our own cutting-edge technology to deliver unrivaled traveler insight, intelligent audiences, multichannel activation and optimization, and guest experience solutions—all in one place. Our combination of data and technology lets you target your ideal travelers with unmatched precision and efficiency.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™
  • AI-powered Audiences
  • Multichannel Activation and Optimization All In One Place
  • AI-powered Connected Guest Experience

Discover What Our Platform Can Do for You

Target your ideal travelers with unmatched precision and efficiency. Learn how our cutting-edge technology can help you forge better connections with travelers and the market itself.