The Grand Mark Prague and Sojern Generate €45K in Direct Booking Revenue

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in direct booking revenue in just under 4 months


increase in direct booking revenue


of total revenue generated from Sojern bookings
Package Used
Pay on the Stay
Search Engine Marketing

The Grand Mark Prague partnered with Sojern to increase direct bookings. With a pay on-the-stay, commission-based advertising solution, Sojern generated over €45K in direct booking revenue in under four months, and represented over one-quarter of their total booking revenue during the same period.

"I didn’t expect such a fast increase in direct bookings. Our share of direct bookings grew from 10-15% to almost 30% and Sojern is part of this increase, definitely. Since we started partnering, the direct bookings increased rapidly."

Jiří Černý
Revenue & Reservations Manager


From its beautiful architecture to its food and drink, Prague is a popular destination for travellers from around the globe. And hotels are not just competing against each other, they are competing against online third parties for direct bookings. “Customers who book with us may also be customers of the big third parties,” says Jiří Černý, Revenue & Reservations Manager, “and we would like to bring those customers to our website to book directly with us.”


In just under four months, Sojern has generated over €45K in direct booking

revenue for The Grand Mark Prague. This pay-on-the-stay commission model is multi-channel, and always-on, meaning that Sojern is continuously generating demand for this hotel. In fact, Sojern helped The Grand Mark Prague decrease their dependence on third parties for bookings, increasing the property’s share of direct bookings revenue from 10-15% to around 30%. “It’s a very easy model,” continues Černý, “It doesn’t need to be complicated to be a good solution."

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