Zürich Tourism and Sojern Drive an 84% Quiz Completion Rate by Using Native Advertising

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Zürich Tourism partnered with Sojern in September 2018 to launch a creative campaign that promoted Zürich as a destination for food lovers. Using Native advertising, Sojern reached in-market travellers in a more engaging way and drove thousands of would-be visitors to complete the quiz

"Sojern’s data allowed us to reach a more targeted subset of potential visitors, and the Native format allowed us to tell a story in a way that more traditional online advertising couldn’t. We are impressed with the results."

Evelyne Kunz
Online Marketing Manager


Zürich has a reputation for its natural beauty and hundreds of art galleries and museums. Something it is perhaps less known for is its culinary diversity. The team launched a creative food quiz on their website, the results of which showcase local restaurants that match the preferences of the respondent. But, the team was challenged with an equally creative way to spread awareness of their quiz, and destination, as a result.


With billions of traveller search and booking intent signals, Sojern found the right audience for Zürich Tourism. Not only did Sojern locate people who were actively looking to travel to Zürich, or would potentially be interested in doing so, they also inspired them to take the quiz with the beautiful Native creative. During the month-long campaign, Sojern drove over 2,319 visits to the quiz landing page—and achieved an 84% quiz completion rate.

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