AI-Powered Audiences Custom Created Just For You

Give your trading team the power to activate high-performance, AI-powered audiences with Sojern’s Traveler Audiences To-Go.

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AI-powered Audiences In Your Hands

Self-Serve Access to Tailor-Made Audiences

Sojern helps ensure that your digital marketing strategy is aligned across channels and platforms. When you have the added transparency and control that comes with our AI-powered audiences, your brand benefits. Use them whenever, wherever.

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Doesn't Rely on 3rd Party Cookies

Leverage the latest curation technology—a privacy-forward, 100% cookieless audience targeting solution
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Full Funnel Visibility & Control

Empower your trading desk with full visibility and control into vendor, initiative, channel, targeting and performance.

Experts on Your Side

10,000 global travel marketers rely on Sojern’s 15+ years of experience activating data to drive performance.

Privacy Forward

A trusted partner that meets the strictest privacy requirements.
Meet Your Goals With Custom Audiences

Our Traveler Audiences To Go Move You Ahead

Customized, Curated PMP Deals

We custom-design your ideal travel-intender segments, then bundle them with premium inventory, resulting in curated, cookieless PMP deals available in your trading desk.

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Maximize the Value of Your First-Party Data

Use your data to boost campaign performance and build relevant, scalable audiences. The Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™ and our cutting-edge AI tech is the key that unlocks it all.

  • We have over 15 years of experience analyzing travel-buying cycles and building sophisticated AI/ML models
  • The Sojern Travel Ecosystem™ aggregates billions of travel signals every day

Continuous AI-Optimization

Our AI-powered audiences learn and improve in real time, and if strategies shift the segment definitions can always be adjusted by your Sojern team.

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Activate in Your Ad Seat

Integrated Across Numerous DSPs & Media Platforms

Sojern’s AI-powered audiences are available anytime you need them on a variety of platforms, with more platforms added every day.

Your Global Travel Partner

We're a Marketer's Best Friend

With cutting-edge tech and a whole host of services that deliver real results, Sojern does more than lighten your workload. You join forces with a knowledge-backed partner that exists to help you maximize every marketing dollar.

Trusted by 10k Customers Worldwide

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Your Custom Audiences Are Just Waiting To Be Activated

Sojern does the work while you reap the benefits. Our custom audiences can help you reach your goals while boosting brand awareness, reach, and direct bookings.