Best Western McCarran Inn Achieves $19,542 in Direct Bookings in Just Four Months, with Sojern

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in direct booking revenue in just four months


additional direct booking reservations


bookings at the individual property level
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Pay on the Stay

The team at Best Western McCarran Inn sought a way to decrease third-party dependency, as well as promote their hotel at the individual property level, and turned to Sojern in June 2017 to achieve this. In just four months, Sojern generated $19,542 in direct booking revenue for the property

"There wasn’t any risk on my part with Sojern’s commission payment model, so I took the chance. The results have been very good. Sojern has really exceeded my expectations."

Pankaj Patel


As the owner of Best Western McCarran Inn, Pankaj Patel has a lot on his plate. “I look after online reservations and I also deal with third parties,” he says. While Patel benefits from Best Western’s overall marketing efforts, he wanted a way to promote his individual property. In order to help with this, Patel partnered with Sojern in June of 2017 on their commission-based solution for independent properties.


A layered strategy of prospecting and retargeting ensures that Best Western McCarran Inn front and center for in-market travelers, and the proof is in the results. In just under four months, Sojern drove $19,542 in incremental direct booking revenue and 136 hotel bookings. And, with Sojern’s pay-on-the completed-stay commission model for independent properties, Patel doesn’t have to worry about paying Sojern for cancellations or no-shows.

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