Sojern Recognized Among Top Hotel Digital Marketing Companies

We are thrilled to be recognized among the best in metasearch and adtech.

Christy Jobman
January 18, 2022

From more than half a million votes submitted by hoteliers across 127 countries to Hotel Tech Report’s annual awards, Sojern is thrilled to be recognized as one of the best in Metasearch and Ad Tech category. In addition, we are proudly branded with the Hotel Tech Report’s “certificate of excellence” which signifies vendors who build products and services their customers love.

Why We’re Excited About This

At Sojern, we understand how important it is for hotels to utilize metasearch in their multichannel marketing strategies. This is because nearly three-quarters of travelers are believed to use metasearch engines in their search process, making it one of the most important channels in travel marketing.

A hotel’s metasearch listing is essential as it is a bottom of the funnel, high conversion driving channel used by travelers when they are ready to make a booking. Best of all, the booking comes directly to your website, so you own the relationship with the guest, making it possible to offer better personalization, drive loyalty, and increase upsell opportunities. We’ve seen an 8% increase in direct bookings for hotels that activate a campaign on metasearch.  

Another important piece is that metasearch does not rely on third-party cookies to get your hotel in front of travelers that are ready to book, so getting your hotel onboarded with metasearch now will be critical to see success in the cookieless world.

What our customers are saying on Hotel Tech Report about working with Sojern:

“With this marketing tool we generate monthly revenue with very good ROI. The team is helpful and promptly, commission is much less than OTAs.”

“The increased revenue to the bottom line is a given plus but the partnership, service, and commitment to excellence is what sets Sojern apart from their competitors.”

“Our experience with Sojern was only positive and since the day one all aspects of our cooperation were working flawlessly. Highly recommendable company, impeccable solutions together with their great customer support makes our life easier and in the end – increases productivity.”

“Sojern is a company we like working with. The platform is easy to use, great service, with a commitment to excellence. Great ally to drive direct bookings.”

“Sojern has benefits to us, makes us more visible on different channels that we normally can not reach. We receive lots of reservations through Sojern. That’s why I recommend it to all of my industry mates. Also staff is very helpful, get back to us so fast. Sojern website is so user friendly. At the end of the month you check the reservations and after you confirm they charge the commission to you. So easy, so fast.”

“Flexibility, customers are able to adjust the campaign details or budget especially with this current covid situation in which government policies and measures change frequently. Support from the Sojern team, prompt and supportive.”

Looking to activate a multichannel marketing campaign to drive direct bookings to your hotel’s website? Connect with Sojern today.

About Hotel Tech Report helps 170k hoteliers each month to understand the changing hotel technology and digital transformation landscape. We help hoteliers make smarter decisions about which technologies to adopt, keeping scalability and adaptability in mind. Hotel Tech Report helps hoteliers uncover the value propositions of emerging technologies and how they align with the needs of your property stakeholders and guests.

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