2018: A Year of Giving Back at Sojern

Here at Sojern, we focus on making an impact at the regional level.

December 14, 2018

According to a study by Cone Communications, 63% of Americans are hopeful businesses will take the lead to drive social and environmental change moving forward. At Sojern, 100% of us are committed to addressing these hopes through our corporate social responsibility programs, Sojern Gives Back (SBG for short).

“As the SGB co-founder and chairperson, I’ve had the unique privilege of working with Sojernistas to expand our volunteering around the world. It’s been an incredible journey growing our CSR program, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see firsthand how we’re able to impact our communities at both an individual and corporate level."

- Myla Tutt, SGB Chair 2011-2018

Corporate social responsibility assumes many forms, and while some businesses base their entire model around social or ethical issues, sustainability, etc., any business can get involved in a cause or a philanthropic mission. Here at Sojern, we focus on making an impact at the regional level—encouraging all of our 13 offices to create CSR programs that are important to their local team.

All of our global offices contribute to Sojern Gives Back through different passions for their local communities. In 2018, we did more good than ever, in more ways than ever, around the world contributing over 4,900 hours of volunteer timehelping animals, putting together meals for those in need, encouraging literacy, volunteering at a hospital, collecting coats, and dozens of other charitable causes.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been doing around the world: Australia volunteered with Foodbank NSW, labelling food and packing boxes that will go on to feed families around the state!

Dublin contributed a lot this year—raising funds for the Dogs Trust Pupcake Day, helping a local school improve the grounds for the children, and putting together shoeboxes of needed goods for the homeless.

London was busy in 2018 with bake sales for Macmillan Cancer, running for a good cause, painting a coworking space with Interim Spaces, volunteering with FoodCycle, and putting together backpacks with gifts for children in the hospital.

New York worked with the NYC Foodbank, supported the Isabella house by playing games with senior citizens, and donated funds to various organizations.

Omaha made an impact with Habitat 4 Humanity, collected coats for the Wakonda School in anticipation of a cold winter, and adopted seniors in partnership with Home Instead'sSanta for a Senior program.

San Francisco sponsored food drives, made hand-crafted notes of encouragement to cheer up children in the hospital, did STEAM activities at the YMCA’s Thingamajig, gathered donations for the SPCA at their Holiday Windows, and helped make the holidays brighter with presents for children through the YMCA.

Singapore ran their heart out for the Metta Charity Fundraiser, participated in a food swap to cut down on food waste, took on the role of Secret Santas for migrant workers, and volunteered at Bright Vision Hospital to celebrate the holidays with the elderly.

Together, Sojernistas around the world have connected with the community through memorable heartfelt moments.

“Starting in 2019, I have the honor of being the new SGB chairperson. All of Sojern is incredibly passionate about giving back, both in and outside of work. I look forward to continuing the efforts our local teams have made to help their communities and can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2019 and beyond.”

- Tricia Prososki, SGB Chair of 2019

Tricia Prososki volunteering at a literacy event for SGB
Tricia Prososki volunteering at a literacy event for SGB

If you’d like to learn about partnering with Sojern volunteers, you can read more about Sojern Gives Back here.

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