Bridging the Gap: How Agencies Partner with Travel Experts for Data-Driven Success

Agencies exceed client goals by leveraging travel data and expertise.

November 20, 2023

With 71% of today’s customers expecting personalization and the buying journey becoming more disjointed, delivering hyper-customized experiences across every touchpoint has become a challenge for hotel marketers. To gain greater control over their customer data and relationships, hotel brands have taken more of their marketing activities in-house. While this enables them to better understand customer preferences and behaviors, internal resources can be insufficient to achieve personalization at scale. That's why many partner with agencies to handle the lift.

Agencies run efficient campaigns for their hotel clients and set strategies that engage with their ideal customers while meeting their branding and performance goals. However, agencies often have generalist knowledge across a variety of industries and, unfortunately, sometimes lack the travel expertise, data, and insights necessary to build highly-tailored travel marketing programs on their own. A collaborative approach is crucial. 

Partner With Travel Experts to Boost Results

By joining forces with travel marketing specialists, hotels and agencies can complement each other's strengths and meet shared objectives. Agencies often choose to work with travel experts like Sojern to refine their existing strategies and gain access to the right data and trends to inform their planning. We can identify, engage, and convert high-intent travelers throughout their purchasing journey, across diverse touchpoints. Agencies that opt to collaborate with us discover a valuable ally, elevating their campaign performance, which in turn, not only sustains but fortifies and deepens their client relationships.

What Value Do Travel Experts Bring?

By utilizing the right tools, agencies can gain access to data, audiences, and trends that offer valuable insights into the interests of potential travelers. While data is crucial, it's not a guarantee of better performance. Seasoned travel experts are needed to provide customized recommendations and competitive insights to truly optimize results.

Here are a few reasons why agencies choose to partner with us:

  • Access to data-driven insights into traveler behavior and trends, helping agencies tailor and inform their marketing strategies
  • AI-powered audiences help identify travelers who are likely to be in the market for travel, creating opt-in audiences that receive the right message at the right time
  • Creation of targeted campaigns leveraging real-time travel data and market intelligence that set and optimize strategies 
  • Cross-channel integration which complements agencies’ marketing efforts across various channels, including social media, metasearch, search engine marketing (SEM), connected TV (CTV), and programmatic advertising, for a cohesive and impactful approach
  • Performance optimization. Agencies that work with us continually analyze and optimize campaign performance, ensuring maximum return on investment and client satisfaction
  • Dedicated client support assisting in campaign management and optimization, providing regular insights and performance reporting, and addressing any inquiries, which strengthens agency-client relationships

Meeting and Exceeding Shared Objectives

One of our partners, Marriott International, together with their team of digital experts at M1M, part of Publicis, relied on us to increase their visibility into in-market demand and reach the growing leisure travel audience. By combining upper and lower funnel tactics and engaging travelers as soon as they showed intent through conversion, they’ve achieved a 40% better conversion rate and a further 6% lift from multichannel exposure.

Rather than competing, we collaborate with agencies to surpass client goals. We provide agencies with our travel expertise and data through regular reports and insights and a team of experts providing constant support and strategic advice.

Joining forces with Sojern goes beyond enhancing the performance of campaigns. It's a strategic move that enables agencies and hotel marketers to thrive in today’s data-driven landscape. With our unparalleled insights and dedicated customer support, our platform doesn’t just enhance campaign performance—it unlocks incremental value for client strategies and empowers agencies to forge and strengthen new and existing relationships while delivering impactful results.

To learn how you can supercharge your digital marketing efforts with real-time travel intelligence, reach out to our team today.

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