Global Unity: Sojern Employees Shine a Light on Breast Cancer

Sojern employees donated, volunteered, and moved for breast cancer.

December 11, 2023

At Sojern, we embrace a vibrant community of employees fondly referred to as “Sojernistas”. United by a common purpose, two of our employee resource groups (ERGs)—Sojern Gives Back (SGB) and SoFit—championed an important cause throughout September and October: Shining a light on breast cancer. 

One person’s idea turned into a global initiative. An SGB lead said, “We had a team member battle breast cancer this last year. I want to do the local walk in her honor and I think others would too.” After sharing the idea, team members across the company chimed in sharing that they were impacted as well. One person lost his mother. Another person participates in an annual walk to support their best friend. Suddenly, we knew this initiative should be global.

Three Pillars: Donate, Volunteer, and Move

Our team wanted to support a cause that every Sojern employee could get involved with. So they created three pillars of the campaign: Donate, volunteer, and move for a cause. These pillars served as the foundation of the initiative.

To show our commitment to making a meaningful impact, our team generously opened their hearts and wallets to financially support breast cancer causes around the world. Together, Sojern employees donated over $5,000. The fundraising will aid crucial research, awareness, and support for those affected by breast cancer.

Beyond monetary contributions, our team also actively dedicated their time and energy to volunteering at various cancer organizations and events. Volunteering is not just about giving time; it's about giving hope and compassion. Every Sojern employee is granted 40 hours of paid time to volunteer throughout the year to support causes near to their hearts.

Movement is also a powerful symbol of progress and change. The "Move for a Cause" component of the challenge encouraged fitness while raising awareness for breast cancer. We used one of our global health benefits, Wellness Coach, to bring cause and competition together in a step challenge. Teams from different corners of the world donned their pink shirts and aimed to collectively average at least 7,000 steps per person, per day. The commitment was inspiring, and it showcased our determination to take meaningful and literal strides for a cause we deeply care about.

A Global Endeavor

From Dublin to Singapore, Omaha to Dubai, our collective effort spanned borders and time zones. Our team stood together—each donation, each hour volunteered, and each step in the challenge reinforced our shared commitment to create a positive impact on a global scale.

Sojern employees poured their hearts into this initiative, and their stories reflect the depth of our connection to the cause. One Sojern employee poignantly expressed, "I lost my mom to breast cancer, so this is a cause that hits close to home. Seeing our company come together for this cause touched my heart.”

​​Sojern Gives Back is dedicated to empowering Sojern employees to tap into their full potential both at their desks and in their communities. When employees can wholeheartedly contribute at work while also being empowered to support important causes, engagement flourishes. We are proud of our team for rallying together to shine a light on breast cancer and all the other meaningful work they do outside of their day job.

To learn more about Sojern’s culture and core values, check out our careers page.

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