Navigating the Sojern Hiring Process: A Comprehensive Guide to Joining Our Team

Our carefully designed hiring experience embraces every job candidate.

August 8, 2023

The hiring process at any company can be daunting, but at Sojern we try to make each step as stress-free as possible. From the initial interview process to the onboarding experience, we explore the experiences of three Sojern employees—one newly-hired team member and two employees on our People team. First, we’ll dive into the recruitment process.

Supporting Candidates Through the First Steps of the Hiring Process

Our hiring process begins with recruitment. Our Talent Acquisition team scouts and hires future employees, and Nick Bell, senior talent acquisition partner II at Sojern, provided us with insights into how the recruitment process works. 

Initial Recruitment

First, Nick identifies a candidate in one of three ways: active recruitment through different candidate sourcing platforms, direct applications through Sojern’s careers page, or through our employee referral program. They first receive an initial screening where candidates are evaluated for technical skills and if they fit the company values. 

“So what I’m doing is hopping on the phone with candidates, typically for a 30 to 45-minute conversation, and walking them through how Sojern operates. Not only qualifying them for technical skills and the other job requirements, but also more of whether or not they fit the company values: Are they genuine? Do they think like a team player?” 

After the initial screening, candidates talk with the hiring manager, followed by team interviews to assess technical skills. In these interviews, we gather a variety of feedback on each candidate to ensure they are an overall fit for the company. Throughout this group interview process, the interviewers use objective questions and scorecards to ensure fairness and uniformity throughout the hiring process. 

To stand out in the interview process, Nick considers candidates who express real engagement and interest in the role and with Sojern. When someone asks thoughtful questions and shows high levels of involvement, they are more likely to be considered for hire. 

“Another great way to stand out in the hiring process is prompt responses and eagerness to move forward,” Nick continues. “What I mean by this is getting back to us within approximately 48 hours. This both keeps the process moving while also showing us that you value our time as well as your own.”  

Sojern prides itself on transparency with our candidates through the process, even if the candidate is not fit for the role. Nick feels it is important to sit down with candidates to share feedback on why they may not move forward with the process, because he understands the feeling of applying for jobs and not hearing back.


The onboarding experience at Sojern begins once the final candidate for a role accepts the verbal offer and signs the official offer letter. Michelle Reinhardt, senior people operations generalist at Sojern, uses a checklist to ensure a smooth transition. 

“Once candidates sign their offer letter, that's when we begin the onboarding process, and they are added to our process for onboarding” says Michelle. “To ensure no new hires fall through the cracks, and everyone receives a great experience, we use an onboarding checklist of over 30 People Team actions from the beginning to the end of that person’s onboarding.”

The onboarding experience at Sojern is described as comprehensive yet approachable. Sojern emphasizes continuous support, with the People team available for questions and assistance, especially during the initial weeks. 

Additionally, new hires have opportunities to engage with senior leadership through a two-day orientation and gain insight into the company’s strategic direction. New hires get a 30-60-90 day plan to learn about the company and their role, with opportunities for feedback and evaluation.

“Come into Sojern and be ready to learn and immerse yourself into our culture, our systems, and everything we have to offer. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it,” Michelle continues. 

The New Hire Experience Through Recruitment and Onboarding

Munira Al-Otaibi, campaign coordinator and new hire at Sojern, made initial contact with us through LinkedIn, and participated in several interviews with the talent acquisition partner, the manager of her team, and other team members. 

“So it started off with the hiring manager in the UK, who reached out to me on LinkedIn and invited me to apply,” says Munira. “By the time I responded, I believe someone already got the role. So he came back to me a few months later and invited me to apply again, and then we had a call.” 

Munira highly praised the onboarding experience at Sojern. She described it as “the best hiring experience [she] has ever had.” 

Her first two weeks were dedicated to training and getting familiar with the tasks and systems. She had regular meetings with team members from all over the world, allowing her to get to know her coworkers and build relationships. 

Support from the team was readily available, with mentors assigned to new hires for ongoing guidance and assistance. Overall, Munira’s new hire experience at Sojern was characterized by a supportive and friendly work environment, opportunities for professional development, and regular feedback and performance evaluations to help new hires grow within the company. 

“It’s just a really healthy and supportive environment, which is nice,” Munira continues. “You feel like you’re valued, and you want to do well because you are treated well, which is a completely different environment to what I’ve previously experienced.” 

Why Should You Apply to Sojern?

Working at Sojern is an opportunity like no other. Our team ensures that every candidate is not just another applicant, but a valued individual whose potential is recognized and appreciated. 

Our carefully designed onboarding experience embraces each new team member, fostering a seamless transition into our company’s dynamic culture. At Sojern, our values form the foundation to our success, and every new hire is thoughtfully chosen to uphold and amplify these principles. 

To learn more about Sojern’s culture and core values, check out our careers page. Who knows, you just might find your next role!

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