Reaching the Right Travelers Starts With the Right Audiences

Quality over quantity is key and starts with finding the right audiences.

July 22, 2022
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As a destination marketer, you aren’t just looking to fill your destination with travelers, you’re putting a greater focus on finding the right travelers for your destination. Quality over quantity is key. These travelers will stay longer, spend more, enjoy more experiences while there, appreciate and honor the local culture, and come back often. As the world has reopened and travelers are seeking new experiences, combined with the increase in travelers desiring more sustainable travel, destinations need to be very thoughtful about their approach to attracting tourists. 

It goes much deeper than demographic and geographic targeting. Utilizing niche audience segments that factor in behaviors and actions helps you find the ideal travelers for your destination. Whether you’re driving awareness with event planners to bring in corporate business and conventions, or getting your message in front of leisure travelers searching for a weekend getaway, you’re looking for a unique set of travel audiences who have different motivations and needs for their trip. 

We understand the importance of getting in front of the right audiences for your destination, so we’ve crafted audience and targeting strategies to help you reach them online. Your destination is special, and we’ll get your message in front of the right travelers at the right moment to pique their interest and inspire them to experience all you have to offer.  

Examples of Audiences & Strategies to Get Your Message Out 

Alternative Destination Targeting: Target travelers searching or confirming travel to a destination other than yours to redirect their plans.

City Breakers: Connect with travelers who are looking for a long weekend in an urban destination.  

Competitive Conquesting: Reach travelers interested in your destination or other similar destinations with timely and relevant messages.

Cruise Ports: Incentivize travelers to spend more time and money in the port cities associated with their upcoming cruise.  

Direct Flight Routes: Travelers love not having to connect, so let them know about simpler routes to your destination on specific airlines. 

Disaster Recovery: Should a natural disaster occur (hurricane, fire, earthquake, volcano, etc), Sojern can provide additional support on campaigns. 

Events: Create and deploy specific campaigns for large gatherings like weddings, food and music festivals, and sporting events. 

History, Art, and Local Culture: Connect with travelers looking to see the rich historical sites, museums, art galleries, and other local experiences your destination offers. 

Inclusion: We can help extend your welcome to more diverse audiences and specific groups, including LGBTQ+ and more. We can also help highlight accessibility for disabled travelers.

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events (MICE): Reach event planners booking for larger, specialized gatherings. 

Nature Enthusiasts: Inspire visitors to enjoy all of the outdoor experiences in your destination. 

Remote Workers:  “Work from home” is quickly becoming “work from anywhere”. Take advantage of this phenomenon and reach travelers who take these extended business/pleasure trips. 

Seasonal Sales: Get the word out about your winter escapes, summer getaways, fall promotions, and spring sales.  

Sustainable Focused Travelers: Reach travelers who exhibit eco-friendly search behaviors and disperse them to less congested areas by promoting locations you want travelers to go.

Can we help you get your message in front of the right travelers? Connect with a destination’s expert today to learn how we can create custom audiences and strategies for your destination. 

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