Sojern Earns Official Badged Partner Status with Bing Ads

Sojern is proud to share that we are an official-badged partner with Bing.

September 28, 2017

Worldwide, there are 6,586,013,574 online searches conducted every day. And, approximately one-third of all those searches are done on Bing. We at Sojern are proud to announce that we’ve earned our official badged partner with Bing and can bring a new layer of service and expertise to help our clients reach the millions of Bing searchers.

How Sojern Harnesses Search

When consumers start travel planning, heading to your search engine of choice is a no-brainer first step. And the heavy hitters in the travel industry know that search engines are the place to capture travelers attention: Group spent $3.5 billion dollars on pay-per-click ads in 2016. Trying to compete with the big brands and their big budgets is a real challenge for independent hoteliers.

That’s where Sojern comes in. Our search offering is a unique pay-for-performance model. Hoteliers only pay for an ad that results in a completed stay. We take on all the risk of paying for the ad, testing keywords, and optimizing your campaign. Our unique offering has driven success for our clients, such as Boone Tavern Hotel, where we drove $41k in incremental direct revenue through SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Earning Our Bing Badge

As we manage our clients SEM accounts across Bing & Google Adwords—where we’ve also earned our partner badge—we earned our Bing Partner Badge. Becoming a Bing Partner means Sojern:

  • Provides high-quality service to our clients,
  • Demonstrates proven online marketing expertise,
  • Harnesses technology to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible with Bing Ads.

We are proud to earn this badge. We will continue to deliver impressive results for our clients, like Boone Tavern Hotel, who note about the partnership:

“Our goal is to always increase occupancy and ADR, and with the partnership with Sojern, we have. They’ve also helped us drive additional direct bookings which helps us own the relationship with our guests and increase repeat bookings.” —Donna Robertson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Boone Tavern Hotel

Connect with us to learn more about our search engine marketing offering.

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