Sojern Gives Back in Dublin

SGB Dublin hit the road for Dillon’s Park Dalkey, South County Dublin.

Andrew Handcock
April 26, 2022

On April 1, members of our Sojern Dublin Team hit the road for Dillon’s Park Dalkey, South County Dublin for a Sojern Gives Back Program (SGB), initiative. As a part of this program, we aim to promote sustainability in our communities. One of the driving forces behind this community outreach outing was Aline Hilsabeck, our Principal Data Analyst at Sojern. Not only does she provide amazing travel insights to our customers, she also found the time to organise an event with the Dalkey TidyTowns committee. 

TidyTowns is an annual competition, first held in 1958, organised by the Department of Rural and Community Development to honour the tidiest and most attractive cities, towns, and villages in the Republic of Ireland.

Our gardening and environmental efforts provided us with the perfect platform to support recreation, exercise, adventure, and education and provided a welcome break from our computer screens. 

It was a beautiful spring morning, and 13 eager Sojern volunteers joined the Dalkey TidyTowns Team springing into action.To help bring Dillon's Park to life after a long winter, we began by gathering up all the leaves and debris trapped by winter winds and cut back any dead growth.

The list of chores ranged from clipping hedges, clearing clutter and pruning foliage around new trees, strimming the difficult to access edges, rolling the wheelbarrow full of weeds to the compost bin, and lawn mowing. 

On the back of a brisk sea breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass spiralled through the air hugging the coastline. And we all came together to leave Dillon’s Park ready for a busy spring full of visitors.

With the tools and equipment cleared away it was time for a photograph with our TidyTowns Team. We then embarked on a tour of the area, where we learned the history and how important it was during the war, and saw the Éire sign. The Éire signs were used to inform pilots where they were flying as they flew across the sky above. 

The team then descended to Finnegans, a local watering hole in the village of Dalkey for some much needed food and refreshments. 

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