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AMA Lincoln awarded Sojern’s digital design team with a Sterling Award.

July 16, 2021

Sojern understands the great importance of multichannel marketing. Each channel provides a unique opportunity to get in front of travelers where they are organically browsing. When you combine channels, the more effective your campaign will be. One of our customers, Little River Inn, experienced this first hand. Since 2019, they've partnered with Sojern on a commission model which utilized Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display advertising, and Facebook that resulted in a 6X return on investment (ROI).

Working with a partner who can provide multichannel solutions including these channels and others can help travel marketers reach travelers at the right time. And an extra bonus - if that partner can offer ad-creative services as well to ensure your message is communicated the right way to potential travelers.

AMA Lincoln Prism Award Spotlighting Sojern’s Digital Design Team

At Sojern, we’re especially proud of the creative banner ad design work that we offer our clients to help give travelers a unique and consistent experience. Our in-house team of digital designers offers free ad creative development to all of our qualifying customers, and runs creative A/B testing at scale to continuously improve performance. To highlight this work, Sojern was awarded a Sterling Award at the The 2021 AMA Lincoln Prism Awards.

The AMA Lincoln Prism Awards showcase the strength and innovation of Nebraska marketers in various facets of design. Sojern was presented the Sterling Award for our ad redesign for Hyatt Place that helped drive 125% more direct bookings.“It's crazy to see how much our Digital Design team has grown and evolved over the years. From static JPEG ads, to A/B testing, to animated HTML5 ads, the team is always open to trying something new and looking for ways to optimize our customer's creatives for clicks and conversions.

Winning this award is a testament to all of the hard work, passion, and creativity our designers bring to each and every ad they touch. I'm excited for the continued growth of this team and the support they provide to our customers,” said Laura Barker, Senior Creative Manager who leads the team at Sojern.

Sojern Earn Accolades for SEM

SEM, also known as paid search, is one of the most effective channels travel marketers can use to reach the right traveler, at the right time, with the right message. The Sojern team is focused on providing the highest quality SEM services for travel marketers with budgets of all sizes.

Sacha Lien, Director of New Initiatives, states the importance of SEM and the role Sojern plays in it:

"SEM is an essential always-on channel for Hotel, Attractions, and Tourism marketers that captures demand and drives new customers throughout the consumer journey. With proprietary Machine Learning, Sojern interprets thousands of travel signals to ensure we bid for the right keyword at the right time. In addition to SEM, Sojern drives direct demand for travel marketers from Display, Facebook, and CTV channels.”

Our team continues to optimize our SEM offering and deliver results for our customers and we’re thrilled to be recognized as one of the best SEM agencies in Singapore. The Best in Singapore award highlights Sojern’s accessibility, specialization in travel and hospitality, and our international reach.

“We're excited to make this list and appreciate the recognition we've been given for providing SEM to our customers in Singapore and the region," said Lien. Palmetto Carriage Works, a horse carriage tour in South Carolina, saw a 10X ROI on a multichannel strategy utilizing SEM with Sojern. “We were really excited about how well SEM performed,” said Victoria Moore, Chief Administrative Officer for Palmetto.

Through our close partnerships with Google and Bing we keep up to date with the latest updates and features.

Interested in reading more about how Sojern manages SEM? In short:

  • Machine Learning process that generates 100s of keywords related to you and switches out keywords to maintain performance.
  • Activate on either a commission model, or a fixed monthly budget. Campaigns set with a budget means no more mid-month budget worries. For hotel marketers, we offer SEM on a commission basis whereby you only pay for completed stays that resulted from a search ad.
  • 24/7 access to reporting and insights through your online Sojern account. What’s more, we’ve got all of the insights on the backend to target and optimize your campaign.

Speak with an expert to learn more about Sojern’s free banner ad creative services or SEM offerings.

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