Sojern Announces Global Parental Leave Policy Enhancing Pay For All Parents

Sojern makes significant adjustments to the Global Parental Leave Policy.

June 17, 2022

Sojern, a leading digital marketing platform built for travel marketers, has enhanced its Global Parental Leave Policy. Birthing parents will receive 16 weeks and non-birthing parents 12 weeks full pay. Non-birthing parents include mothers, fathers, and adopters and underlines Sojern’s value of Embrace Inclusion. Sojern recognizes that every family is different and this policy reflects the need of everyone across the world regardless of gender. The leave can be taken within the first year of the birth or adoption of the child and is available to all employees regardless of length of service.

With this initiative, Sojern’s new parents enjoy more generous maternity and paternity leave pay than local legislation would provide for in many countries. Sojern is proud to support all families by giving every parent the opportunity to have more time with their children, without worrying about the impact on their finances or careers. The enhancement is especially welcomed by US employees which makeup over 50% of Sojern’s workforce. Furthermore, 52.2% of our workforce are women and women hold 50% of managerial roles here at Sojern. We’re committed to furthering our equality initiatives not just internally, but to raise the bar for the tech industry as a whole. 

The new parental leave policy strengthens Sojern’s existing provisions to attract, retain, and advance women. The new leave will lower barriers preventing men from taking parental leave while also breaking the glass ceiling to help women achieve their full potential.

The Global Parental Leave Policy is a welcomed addition to other family friendly policies Sojern is offering its employees like remote or hybrid work options, Flexi Friday, and Mental Healthcare for employees and their family members.

From our Chief People Officer, Nancy Koshiyama:

“Making the decision to start a family is a lifelong commitment and challenging adventure that includes indescribable depth of love, fears about keeping your child healthy, safe, and happy, making sure homework is done, attending school plays and sporting events, and being present to help your child navigate the wins and losses of everyday life. As a working Mom of 5 boys, I understand parenting means juggling work and home. For the past two+ years, working from home for many of us has meant Google Meetings with endless background sounds of kids, barking dogs, doorbells, and sometimes, even the smoke alarm because dinner is burning while you’re on a Google Meeting.

With our global parental leave plan, Sojern is living our value of Embrace Inclusion by supporting all Sojernistas who want to start or expand their family. This is also a strategic step in helping attract, retain, and advance working Moms and Dads in the workplace. Some employers believe work is work and home is home, but in Sojern, we recognize both as being one big community.”

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